Top 5 things to do in India

India has some of the greatest architecture and culture in the world, so when you visit you want to make the most of your experience. Here’s our list of the top 5 things to do in India.


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

You can’t pay a visit to India with heading to the infamous heritage site, the Taj Mahal. There are plenty of tours available to book, and the Diana bench is highly popular, so if you don’t mind a wait, it’s worth it. Try to avoid the official photographers if you can – they aim for tourists and charge double for the photos, which you could easily capture on your own cameras.

Top tip: Head in early at around 6am to avoid the crowds.

The Delhi Markets


Take yourself shopping in the hustle and bustle of the Delhi markets. Be greeted by bright colours and friendly faces in the labyrinth of fabrics, jewellery, spices and more! Chandni Chowk is a great place to start – just watch out for the rickshaws! Private tours are available and come highly recommended. The guides are really knowledgable, brilliant in navigating around the maze of stalls and are happy to help you find the best deals.

Top tip: Haggle!

Wonderla Amusement Park

For thrill-seekers out there, this theme park based in Bangalore is a must-visit. It’s got rollercoasters and water rides galore, so definitely take a day out for a bit of fun in the sun.

Top tip: Get yourself a Fast track ticket so you can skip the long queues.

Roots Bridge, Meghalaya


Credit: Pinterest

These just look like a portal to another world! Stop by and see these amazing natural bridges that have formed from the roots of the trees around them. Being surrounded by waterfalls and greenery, the cleanliness of this place makes such a difference from the madness of the main cities.

Top tip: There are quite a few steps down to the bridges so make sure you’re wearing your walking shoes.

The Tea Gardens, Munnar

Tea Gardens India

The Tea Gardens are super romantic. Beautiful scenery and some great photo opportunities. Often you’ll see the ladies collecting the tea leaves – make sure you try some before you leave.

Top tip: The best time to visit is actually in monsoon season – a beautiful mist hangs over the tea gardens that makes it look just magical.


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