Planning your Arctic Adventure

So you’ve decided on visiting a magical winter wonderland for your honeymoon and the Arctic could not be a more perfect choice for a romantic getaway, whether you’re snuggling up in front of a fire in a cosy log cabin or looking at the stars through a glass-topped igloo. Handcraft your honeymoon with some of our experience ideas below and make this a trip to remember.

the arctic landscape

The Northern Lights

This natural phenomenon is a once in a lifetime experience and any opportunity you have to see them MUST be taken. Most often seen in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Alaska and Iceland, they are predicted based on real-time solar wind data. Follow the aurora service online for the most accurate predictions every 15 minutes using the KP strength scale below.

kp strength aurora

You’ll need a clear cold night and to be as far from light pollution as possible for the best view. Many places offer excursions to follow the aurora borealis, so you could be boarding a snowmobile to a camp by a frozen lake, or hiking out to a glass-topped igloo for the perfect position. Of course, it is never guaranteed the lights will be visible, however much you follow the forecasts, so you just have to pray for a bit of luck. Up your chances as much as you can – the most visible activity is from late September to late March, where it gets dark after 6pm.

northern lights

Arctic Wildlife Tours

Seeing nature at its finest in the snowy tundras of the Arctic provides the most incredible photo opportunities – the vast landscapes alone will leave you breathless, but you may also be lucky enough to find arctic foxes, walrus, narwhal or whales along the way. You can book specific tours based on your desires, and most visitors long to see the polar bear in its natural habitat, which can be seen in northern Canada, Greenland and Spitsbergen in northern Norway. The best time for polar bear watching is during late July to early August when the ice caps have retreated enough to allow ships through to the northern and eastern coasts. Don’t forget your camera!

arctic fox

Glacial Lagoons

With global warming constantly hot off the press, who knows how long these phenomenons will be around. Ever changing and natural beauty at its finest. Iceland hosts an abundance of of glacial lagoons, and the Jökulsárlón Lagoon comes highly recommended and perfectly viewed on a guided boat tour.

jokulsarlon lagoon


What better opportunity to enjoy a day of skiing than in the snowy mountains of the Arctic. Many use skiing as an excuse for some incredible views, and why not take advantage of your position and head to the most northerly ski resort of Riksgränsen. This is the ultimate place to explore off-piste, with a heli-drop zone the size of the Netherlands!

Just these four experiences could easily give you up to a week’s worth of activities for your honeymoon – it just depends on how long you want to go for!

Ready to find your arctic honeymoon? Why not start with Iceland.