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Why Iceland?

Lying just south of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is a land of extremes; waterfalls, glaciers and deserts are some of the breathtaking visions to be encountered and combined with clean air and lengthy hours of summer sunlight, an escorted holiday to Iceland offers many opportunities. Reykjavik, the island’s capital is an energetic, stylish city and offers a base from which to begin your exploration of the surrounding landscapes when on your honeymoon in Iceland.

Key information

No place on Earth is like Iceland. Known as the ‘land of sea and fire’, it is a breathtakingly beautiful country of geysers, lava fields, mountains and glaciers.

About the activities:

There is never a shortage of activities to see and do when on honeymoon in Iceland. There’s whale watching off the coast of Reykjavik, horse riding in the mountains, enormous salmon fishing, beer tasting, speed boating, scuba diving (if you’re brave enough!); the list is endless.

About the climate:

March & April: With drastic weather changes during the year, it’s important to visit Iceland at the right time. This unique honeymoon destination is absolutely ideal for an adventurous couple who want to explore a beautiful country. Temperatures during these months average at 5 degrees celsius, so this isn’t a destination for a couple wanting to soak up some sun. If you’re visiting in March, this month has the highest average rainfall, so perhaps consider packing a raincoat!

May – August: For the best Icelandic weather, then the best time to visit is during May, June, July or August. With temperatures peaking at around 20 degrees and averaging at 14 degrees, this isn’t a honeymoon destination for couples who want sunny beaches, but if you want adventure – this could be for you. During the summer months, you can expect long days of sunlight which will allow you lots of time for fun activities and sightseeing.

September & October: Towards the end of the Icelandic summer, the days will begin to shorten and the average temperature will begin to dip considerably. During September and October, the temperature will average out at around 10 degrees celsius, and there is a higher chance of rain. Ideal for couples seeking adventure, you won’t be disappointed with your romantic honeymoon in Iceland! But, if it’s sun you’re after, May, June, July and August are the hottest months in Iceland.

About the culture:

Whilst the tiny population of 332,000 people is roughly the same as the population of Coventry, Icelandic people have big hearts and warm souls – always welcoming and friendly wherever you travel in this desolate but stunning country.

What we love:

Prepare to eat the best fish you’ve ever tasted. Plus, the Northern Lights aren’t a bad way to spend a honeymoon evening.

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