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UK Marriage laws

The laws are not complex, but they must be carefully followed for your marriage to be legal. It is a good idea just to check through the relevant marriage laws to make sure everything is correct, whether you are getting married in church, in a registry office or in a venue licensed for civil ceremonies. To get married in the UK you must both be single and at least 16 years old, or 18 years without parental consent. The marriage must be legally solemnised in a designated place between 8am and 6pm and at least two witnesses must be present at the wedding.  

Wedding finance

Finance is the most common factor which causes stress during the journey of planning your wedding. While balancing so many different demands, it is easy to lose control of what money is going is where! It is an important day and you want to have the very best, so having everything in its correct place, as well as to budget, is quite a challenge and careful budget planning is crucial.  

Wedding insurance

Unglamorous as it may seem on your budget sheet, wedding insurance is increasingly necessary as wedding costs spiral. Don’t assume that weddings only get cancelled because of a change of heart. The death of a close relative, a broken bone or an overseas posting can mean having to postpone your wedding, and wedding insurance can help you recover at least some of your costs. Managing your wedding finance is going to be tricky enough as it is but if your wedding is cancelled and you have no wedding insurance it is going to be a lot harder. Wedding insurance also covers unforeseen problems on the day such as damaged hired items, theft of wedding gifts and failure of a supplier.  

Wedding supplier contracts

In the course of planning a wedding the average couple will sign contracts to the value of between £10,000 and £20,000, but how many actually read the small print unless something goes wrong? Many couples are surprised on cancelling a particular service that not only do they lose their deposit, but legally they are liable for the full costs. Make sure you check the wedding supplier contracts carefully!


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