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Wedding transport is a very important aspect of the wedding. There is nothing worse than waiting for hours for your wedding car while all your guests are waiting at the church. You want to be able to turn up when you want in a calm and composed manner. Your wedding day is going to be stressful and unreliable transport is not a good way to start. However, have no fear there are many reliable wedding cars and carriages companies out there to help you travel to and from your wedding in style. At the moment it is fashionable to use a wedding car hire company but there are many different types of wedding transports- so find something that you like and and makes you feel special! From horse drawn carriages to wedding limos, the possibilities are endless! Travelling to your wedding ceremony is a nerve racking time as it is without having travel problems. Therefore choosing your wedding transport is a very personal decision. You need to consider the time of year and hence the weather, you need to consider your budget available and how reliable the form of transport is. Also you need to think about how much transport you will need and whether you would like different transport for different parts of the day. More Great Ideas for choosing the perfect form of wedding transport  The vintage Rolls Royce, a classic Daimler, suave Bentleys, a fine Mercedes or classy Jaguar – the choices are endless for wedding transport for your big day! Vintage is really fashionable at the moment for wedding transport so head the trend and book your traditional wedding car as soon as possible. There are many wedding car hire companies so it should be easy to find one in you area. Perhaps your groom would like to arrive to your wedding in a modern Ferrari – there are specialist wedding car hire companies offering sports car hire for the weekend.Without a doubt, this year’s big trend is the the classic VW Campervan- not the most elegant choice but is something you will never forget! For more Great Ideas on Traditional wedding cars Perfect for a glamorous arrival, and with plenty of space for your wedding dress, stretched limousines have maintained their popularity for weddings, and in particular for hen and stag nights, for over a decade. They are elegant and reliable, so you will not only arrive in style but also on time! Be sure to check out the company’s credentials as we have heard of a number of home made “cut and shunt” stretched limos being used for weddings. For more great ideas on streched limousines Although more often used to take the Bride and Groom from the church to the reception, if you are having a civil ceremony at a stately home or country hotel it would be very fitting for your wedding transport to be a horse-dawn carriage.In most cases, the carriage just takes you the last mile or two, giving you the chance to relax, gather your thoughts, and arrive in this most romantic style of transport. Arrange for the carriage to stay until after the ceremony to whisk you both away for some photographs, or to take the younger guests for a ride. A romatic and enchanting way to start and finish your wedding! More great Ideas for horse drawn carriages Choosing your wedding transport can be tricky but some for brides and grooms the only way to travel to and from their wedding is by helicopter. You need to be aware of the obvious extra cost and fit that into your wedding budget! But flying sky high after your wedding can be an a magical and stylish way to travel to your reception. Check the company’s policy on cancellations – they can’t fly in certain weather conditions but may be happy to transfer the booking for an anniversary flight instead.Many large venues have either a helipad or an area in their grounds suitable for landing a helicopter. More Great Ideas for Wedding Helicopters Surprisingly, anyone can hire out their car for a wedding – there is an exemption in licensing regulations specifically covering weddings and funerals.This means that there is a huge choice of vehicles, from VW Camper Vans to home made stretched limousines, available alongside the large reputable companies offering a selection of modern and vintage wedding cars. Want to find out more about hiring a car for your wedding?  

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