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Choosing a Wedding Disco

Choosing a wedding disco can be very tricky! It is difficult to know whether the wedding DJ you choose is right for you. This article helps you with the questions you need to ask your DJ and therefore preventing your evening from ending with a flop.

Are all wedding DJs the same?

Anyone can purchase equipment and call themselves a DJ, just as anyone who owns a camera can call themselves a photographer. However for such an important occasion you will obtain more satisfying results by using the services of professionals in both cases.

Brides increasingly look for and expect a greater level of sophistication from todays’ Wedding DJ. To provide this level of service requires commitment, dedication and focus. The good news is that many have risen to this challenge and provide, even exceed, these expectations. They will listen to your ideas and offer suggestions and advice to make your Wedding Reception truly unique.

A professional will spend time planning your event weeks, even months, in advance. This can include meetings with you and a visit to the venue to meet with your function manager. They will spend time checking every detail so that nothing is left to chance on this important day.

If you want to go for the cheapest then just phone around until you find one that suits your price. If, however, you want your evening to be a unique and fitting celebration for you and your guests then you will need to do a little more work – but it’ll be worth it. You could ask friends and family for recommendations, check out links from this site or use the Wedding DJ Association form. This will automatically put you in touch with all registered professionals in your area.

Once you have your list then it’s time to narrow this down. Do they specialise in weddings? What experience do they have? Are they a member of a professional organisation? Do they have testimonials from previous clients? Much of this information can be gleaned from their web sites and if there is anything else you want to know that isn’t covered you can ask them.

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