Visiting Venice

Aside from the stunning churches, endless artwork and a maze of canals at your feet, in Venice you’ll find the locals love people visiting for honeymoons – get ready for something special!

Venice Italy

The best time to visit is outside of peak tourist times; between March and May or September to October. You’ll find yourself able to relax in the milder temperatures whilst exploring the city and its slow-boat transport system.

Venice Italy gondola

February brings the Carnival season, where the streets are packed with markets and people in theatrical masks (think the James Bond carnival scene from Spectre).

Carnival Venice Italy

Carnival Venice Italy

The summer months can be overrun with tourists at times (and the water takes on a muggy smell in the heat), but there are always plenty of peaceful churches, squares and hidden cafes to tuck yourself away for a break from the hustle and bustle of the streets. Rainy season comes between November and January, but it’s certainly much quieter for a break away.

If you’re a bit of a bookworm like we are, you might want to visit the Acqua Alta Bookshop near St Mark’s Square. There is order among the chaos, and you’ll find books all over, including on special shelving in the form of gondolas!

Acqua Alta Bookshop venice italy

Make sure you take a walk along the Grand Canal and over the Accademia Bridge for some of the best views of the city.

Accademia bridge venice italy grand canal

Venice Italy Accademia

For music lovers searching for a little opera, you could head to La Fenice, the most well-known opera house in Venice. If, however, you’re feeling adventurous, head off the beaten track to a unique intimate venue called Musica a Palazzo, where you can enjoy opera by candlelight amongst an audience of barely 100 people.

Musica a Palazzo venice italy opera

For a romantic honeymoon filled with gondola trips and effortless culture, Venice is certainly the place for you.

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