Making the Most of Your Safari Experience

Heading on an exciting safari for your first trip together as newlyweds? From incredible animals to vast landscapes, you won’t be disappointed. Take a look at our top tips for making the most of your safari experience.

Making the Most of your safari experience

Disconnect from social media

When you’re on safari, disconnect from the life you normally live, and allow yourself to fully embrace the experience. As soon as you start checking your phone, emails, Facebook or Instagram, you are disconnecting with the experience and re-connecting with your regular life. It immediately reduces the potential impact of the safari. Save the Facebook photos until you get back to civilisation and enjoy the time you spend on safari.

Do as many optional activities as physically possible

Take advantage of as many extra activities as you can afford. You usually have the chance to do all kinds of extra stuff on safari – night time tours, tailor-made experiences with private tour guides, specific animal search tours. Quite often people go with the aim of seeing the Big Five, but this isn’t something that’s guaranteed. Make the most of the opportunities your have available to you to maximise your experience.

Talk to your guide

Your guide knows this area of the world so much better than you, therefore, make sure you talk to them and find out what the best times are to go out. Your guide will be able to tell you all the best places to go and all the animals that are often harder to see and not spotted, so get chatting and you’ll learn and see so much more. You’ll often find out more information about the area, animals and their habits along the journey, so keep listening and see what you can discover.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a really good way to relax any nerves you may have before going and during your holiday, making the whole safari experience more enjoyable. You’ll be covered for any unexpected illness, loss or damage to any belongings or any surprise changes to your holiday plans. Whilst it’s the last thing we want when planning the holiday of our dreams, it’s always better to be safe – just look at Bali!