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Why Madagascar?

A Madagascar honeymoon is exciting and unusual; the country is an island separated from the African continent about 165 million years ago. Its bizarre animals and extraordinary plant life evolved independently for centuries, explaining why it is blessed with thousands of endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. The chance to see animals like aye-ayes, flying foxes, fossas, tenrecs and different kinds of lemurs and chameleons makes Madagascar a dream destination for nature lovers, with the most famous tourist attractions being the incredible natural parks and reserves.

Key information

Madagascar is unlike any other country on Earth. Incredibly beautiful and unspoilt by tourists, the breadth of animals native to this island will amaze you, while the humility and kindness of the locals will leave you swooning to come back well after your Madagascar honeymoon.

About the land and wildlife:

5% of all known animal and plant species in the world call Madagascar home! Expect to see everything from lemurs, to chameleons, to humpback whales to bizarre-looking frogs, and so much more in between. Similarly, there are glorious, remote national parks that will take your breath away, as well as 5,000km coastline, much of it untouched and romantic beaches, for you to relax on.

About the climate:

April – June: If you’re planning a romantic trip to Madagascar, we recommend visiting during April, May or June. These months have brilliant sunny weather and little chance of rain – absolutely ideal for a couple who want to spend their honeymoon soaking up the sun on a beautiful island.

September – November: The months of September, October or November are wonderful times to take a trip to the island of Madagascar. If it’s sunny weather you’re after, then you can expect temperatures of almost 30 degrees celsius during these months. But, there is often a little bit of rain. If you want to avoid a rainy honeymoon, check out the months of April, May or June.

About the culture:

Madagascar is a fascinating melting pot of different ethnic groups from all over Africa and the India Ocean. They have created their own inimitable identity with its own history that you can visit via the pirate stories in Île Sainte Marie or the sacred rolling hills of Antananarivo.

What we love:

The fact that you can go from a jungle to a desert in the space of only 300km. The fact that it’s an incredible honeymoon destination that is off the tourist trail. And the fact that you will create everlasting memories on this unforgettable island.

9 - 12 hrs flight time

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