Why Laos?

Surrounded on all sides by Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, a Laos honeymoon will be an exotic experience. Laos is roughly the size of Great Britain and much of it is dominated by mountains and rivers. Local culture is largely based around Theravada Buddhism which not only makes Laos a peaceful destination to travel within, but also means its people have a unique charm and friendliness that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Key information

Laos often gets upstaged by its noisy neighbours Thailand and Vietnam, but people are starting to cotton on to its extraordinary beauty and travel potential. Laos is unspoilt by tourists, very cheap and retains a certain Asian authenticity that has been slightly taken away as a result of globalisation in the case of some of Laos’ neighbours. There’s a timeless, rural way of life here that harks back to a simpler and arguably more desirable time that makes Laos an intoxicatingly charming destination for your honeymoon.

About the activities:

There is an endless list of activities one can partake in here. If exploration and adventure is your preference, then exploring underground river caves, kayaking, riding on jungle zip lines or hiking could be on your list. If you’re more of a culture vulture, then explore the hundreds of ancient temples and soak up the Laos spiritual way of life. The food is exquisite and classically Asian, whilst there are some fantastic spas scattered across the country for you to enjoy.

About the climate:

January – March, November & December: If you want to visit Laos for your honeymoon, then it’s almost always a great time to visit. For the best weather, we recommend visiting in the months of January, February, March, November or December. During this time, the weather can peak at over 30 degrees celsius, and there is a very low chance of rain.

About the culture:

Laos is an incredibly diverse country with a rich history and set of traditions. To the north, lie the Hmong people, the Kahu and Alak communities reside in the south, whilst the Katang people live in the forests in the centre. It’s a spiritual place and the locals are humble and kind people.

What we love:

The luscious green landscapes are enchanting and romantic, and the community based trekking makes Laos the ecotourism capital of Asia.

9 - 12 hrs flight time

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