Why Japan?

Whilst the flight time puts many people off, honeymoon to Japan offers something for everyone. It is a country with a fascinating history and culture, but it is certainly not a backward facing country: the modern and Sci-Fi nature of Tokyo seems almost like a peek into the future for Western cities. The sushi is (obviously!) the best in the world, the people are renowned as being some of the most polite and the bullet trains facilitate an incredibly efficient transport network –  making a honeymoon in Japan an absolute dream.



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Japan has a large array of incredible temples to visit, as well as the stunning sakura bloom in spring. If you come in winter, you can expect some world class skiing, whilst Japan is over two-thirds mountains, meaning there are bubbling hot springs everywhere.

Equally, if you want to get off the beaten track, we’d recommend checking out the Hoshitoge Rice Terraces in Tokamachi. Japan may be an expensive option, but the fact that this incredible country has managed to evolve from an ancient civilisation into one of the most technologically advanced nations on Earth (while still retaining its sense of history) – means choosing this enchanting country will definitely be worth it for your honeymoon.

About the activities:

Japan has so much to see and do it would be impossible to visit everything in one trip. Tokyo and Osaka will both be assaults on the senses as you will be bewitched by these vibrant and modern architectural wonders. Spend at least a few days exploring each of these cities.

In order to immerse yourself in the culture more, spend a few nights in a ryokan (a traditional Japanese guesthouse), go and watch a Kyoto geisha dance, or visit any one of the number of Zen gardens on offer. Take the bullet train in style. Throughout all of this, don’t forget to enjoy the sublime fresh sushi; or, if you’re in the mountains, the hotpots – you won’t regret it!

About the weather:

For us, the best time to visit Japan is between March – May, and September – November, when the weather is cooler and milder. During these times of year, there is very little rainfall and the skies are generally pretty clear. To make matters even more appealing, the stunning cherry blossom tress in Spring and the vivid hues of the Autumn leaves will take your breath away at those times of year.

What we love:

The sushi and the locals. The sushi is generally delicate, fresh and mouth-wateringly good. Even the worst sushi in Japan will taste better than average sushi anywhere else! As for the locals, they are so friendly and always eager to help in any way that they can. Try and learn a few words of Japanese also, they will really appreciate the fact that you are making an effort.

11-12 hrs flight time

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