Why Italy?

If you’re looking for classy Italy honeymoon ideas with historical twists and incredible food, you’ve come to the right place. In Rome, get lost in the maze-like cobbled streets and step back in time as you sample the local cuisine. You have the world-renowned Colosseum on your doorstep, along with Michelangelo’s masterpieces in the Vatican, St Peter’s Basilica and so much more. So kick back, and allow yourself to be swept up in the La Dolce Vita lifestyle that is so authentically Italian.

Similarly, Venice is essentially a city of marble palaces built on a lagoon, and romance secretes out of every pore of this stunning city – making it the perfect destination for a honeymoon. With regards to Tuscany, there is a timeless familiarity: the olive groves, green-hinged vineyards and soaring hilltop villages are like something out of a utopian dream. These breathtaking landscapes encompass the Chianti wine region, the coastal areas of the Etruscan Coast and Bolgheri, whilst the stunning hilltop villages of Montalcino and Pienza are like time portals back to an earlier and simpler age. Italy honeymoon destinations have a sense of history and romance in every quaint farmhouse, church, chapel, monument and square, which have bewitched and enchanted Italians and foreigners alike for centuries.

Italy simply has it all!


Key information

It is difficult to think of other countries in the world that have the same artistic and historical heritage as Italy. Renaissance frescoes, Byzantine mosaics, awe-inspiring museums are all results of Italy’s historical devotion to the arts and the country’s continued passion for aesthetic beauty. The Amalfi coast, Tuscany, Rome, Venice, Italy is a beautiful country that would make the perfect honeymoon destination.

About the food:

Italian food is like nowhere else: fresh mozzarella, white truffles and tomatoes, seasonal vegetables, parma ham, thin crust pizzas and simple but delicious pastas – all washed down with crisp local wines grown from the rolling Castelli Romani or Chianti hills. Food is so entrenched in the culture here it seeps into almost every aspect of Italian life. Delicious, fresh, and unlike anything you will have tasted back home, this is the real Italy. Simply bellissimo!

About the culture/activities:

Rome was famously the capital of the legendary Roman Empire, and since then has retained its titles as the home of the Roman Catholic Church, a principal centre of Christianity and the site of the Italian Republic. But aside from its importance as a city of enormous prestige, lies an inherently romantic setting that is breathtaking in its beauty and charm. The culture is relaxed and laid back, with the café culture spilling over into every aspect of Italian life.

With regards to Tuscany, the cultural sites to explore are vast: the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Siena, Florence and Lucca being the obvious ones. However, to get slightly off the well trodden tourist path, venture out to Arezzo & the Piero della Francesca trail, the Val d’Orcia or San Gimignano for equally incredible sightseeing. There’s also the option of wine tasting in the Chianti hills, exploring some of the finest art in Florence, as well as just soaking up the general atmosphere in this magical part of Italy.

Equally, the sheer volume of world class museums in Venice alone provides enough culture to last several trips; but aside from that, just strolling around St. Mark’s Square, the Palazzo Ducale, the Basilica di San Marco and getting a sense of the atmosphere and character in this historic place will more than suffice. Mind you, you can’t get much more romantic than taking a leisurely gondola through the twisting canals, and then stopping off to nibble cheese and wine as the sun sets on the pastel coloured houses all around you. During the height of the Renaissance period, it was one of the most influential art and cultural centres globally, as well as being the natural home of modern opera and baroque music. Today, that legacy lives on in the shape of the legendary Carnival, when flamboyant masks and costumes are paraded down the street as concerts, balls and theatre performances take place all over the city.

About the weather:

The best times to visit (in our humble opinion) are between April and May and between September and October. The reason for this is that the weather will be warm without being too humid, and the crowds will have thinned out during these months. The summer months will obviously be the most balmy in terms of climate, however if you are a culture vulture be prepared for fairly extensive tourist crowds in these months.

What we love:

The architecture: having developed from Imperial Roman style right up to the modern Fascist architecture of Mussolini and into the present day – the architecture in Italy will take your breath away.

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