Honeymoon Tips: Where Do We Start?

On top of organising one of the greatest days of your life, now you’re supposed to arrange an unforgettable honeymoon! Well sit back, relax, and take a look at some of our top tips for honeymoon planning.

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Set yourself a budget

It’s easy to get carried away when looking into honeymoons, so setting yourself a budget (and sticking to it) is the best way to ensure you make the most of your time away. Leave a little room in the budget for extra activities; a romantic dinner, a daytime expedition or perhaps a couples massage?

If there are just too many things to choose from, and your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, why not set up a honeymoon gift list instead? It’s certainly more popular these days for couples to ask for money instead of gifts on their wedding day, and there are also plenty of websites around that you can set up a honeymoon wish list on. Guests can head to your site and select which gift they want to buy or contribute to. It could be as simple as a bottle of champagne on arrival at the hotel, an upgrade to first class on your flight or even a helicopter ride to see the sights from the skies.

Remember it’s about what YOU want

Thinking about a sun-filled, relaxing beach stay in the Maldives? Fancy a trekking adventure around Nepal? Or would you rather head to Glastonbury for a party weekend? It’s up to you! Remember to do what you want. Don’t feel because your friends went abroad that you have to. Why not organise a mini-moon in the UK for your post-wedding escape?

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Wherever you’re thinking of going, check the forecast for the time of year you’re looking to travel. Whilst you may get some great deals in Mexico during hurricane season, if you don’t want to risk bad weather consider when you’d like to go. Your honeymoon doesn’t have to be immediately after your wedding.

Holiday brochures are a great place to start to give you some ideas, but team it with searching online for the best deals and the best recommendations. Read the reviews. Find the blogs. Talk to your travel agents and chat to your friends. The hidden gems are usually the ones that aren’t so heavily advertised!

Tell EVERYONE it’s your honeymoon

As much as you might want to keep a low profile, or perhaps think that mentioning the ‘H’ word will have suppliers adding zeros onto their packages, this generally isn’t the case. Doors will be opened for you that you perhaps weren’t expecting, from telling the travel agent to the check-in staff. You could nab yourself free champagne, a room upgrade, candlelit dinners – the opportunities are endless!

Check your paperwork

If you’re planning on changing your name, make sure you have all the correct travel documents to match your new name. Equally if you’re sticking with your family name, it’s a great chance for you tell everyone you meet that you just got married!

Also, get your travel insurance sorted. Whilst the likelihood of problems are slim, things can go wrong. Passports get lost, baggage can go missing – getting yourself covered will just put your mind at ease.

And most of all…

Remember it’s just a holiday. Don’t let the pressure of the word ‘honeymoon’ get to you. Now you’re married you’ll get to experience a lifetime of travel together, so treasure every moment.

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