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Why Hawaii?

Any top honeymoon destination guide will inevitably include a Hawaii honeymoon as the best place for sun, sand and natural attractions. Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the United States, each unique in style. These sandy stretches are fronted by crystal waters teeming with tropical fish darting through forests of coral. Some of the world’s best surfing and water-sport opportunities are offered here and for those intent on premium sightseeing, it is hard to beat the thrill of watching lava flow from the world’s longest erupting volcano.

Key information

There is so much to do in Hawaii and the other seven Hawaiian islands, whether you are looking for a relaxed honeymoon on the beach, or feeling more adventurous – whether that be surfing, golfing or whale watching, there will be something for you in Hawaii. On the island of Maui you can spend the afternoon walking along the extraordinary black, red or green sand beaches or you can lay up on Mauna Kea and spend the night stargazing with your partner. For a more active break, search for the state fish whilst scuba diving off the various islands.

About the climate:

Thanks to Hawaii’s proximity to the Equator, the seasonal variations in temperature are not felt as strongly as they are in the US or Europe. Therefore, you can be sure of good weather close to all year round.

March, April, October & November: Overall, temperatures are always high, and honeymoon in Hawaii is considered a great destination for couples all year round. But, if you want to visit when rainfall is typically low and the weather is sunny, then March,  April, October or November are wonderful choices. The temperatures for these months generally reach almost 30 degrees. If you’re looking for the hottest temperatures, then why not take a look at May, June or July?

May, June & July: If you want to visit Hawaii in peak season, when the weather is the hottest and the rainfall is minimal, then the best time to visit is during May, June or July. Temperatures in these months often reach up to 32 degrees, with the ocean peaking at almost 28 degrees – perfect for a couple who want to celebrate their new married life relaxing on a sunny Hawaiian beach!

About the culture:

Hawaii proudly retains its own distinctive identity from the US, and the locals are incredibly warm and kind people. Hawaii signature items are a ukulele, an aloha shirt and flips flops, and this gives you a good idea of how the Hawaiians like to live life in the slow lane – with a drink in one hand and a surfboard in the other. It is also a remarkably harmonious place regarding multiculturalism, and ancient Polynesians, Europeans, Americans and Asian plantain immigrants all co-exist extremely well together.

What we love:

The sunsets in Hawaii are very special, creating the perfect romantic honeymoon special. It has to be seen to be believed!

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