Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

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Why Dominican Republic?

Spend your Dominican Republic honeymoon in luxury within the many resort hotels along the beautiful coastline, sipping cocktails and bathing in beautiful blue lagoons. The main tourist spots in the Dominican Republic are the northern Amber Coast region around Puerta Plata, the beautiful Samana Peninsula and the resort communities of the east coast, where stretches of pristine tropical beach have been developed into all-inclusive resorts. However, exploring a little behind the scenes you will find plenty of unspoilt tropical paradise off the beaten track, and locals ready and willing to offer warm hospitality.

Key information

The Dominican Republic is a tranquil and beautiful island that will make you feel at home the moment you step off the plane.

About the climate:

The Dominican Republic has fantastic tropical weather all year around, with an annual average temperature of around 25 degrees. Some people have been known to call the climate here the ‘endless summer’ as the weather is generally always warm and sunny. The only thing to bear in mind is that in summer (June – November), the Dominican Republic can experience some of the effects of the Atlantic hurricane season.

December – February: Temperatures in the Dominican Republic don’t vary very much, but the hottest season is usually also the wettest. So, if you’re looking for sunny skies and minimal rain, then the best time to visit is when the temperatures starts to cool down. With temperatures reaching a 32 degrees in these months, perfect for a couple who want to spend their honeymoon Dominican Republic chilling out by the pool.

March – May: When it comes to the weather in the Dominican Republic, it’s best to visit before or after the hottest period which also comes with a lot of rain! To avoid the rain and still get a lot of sun, taking your trip in March, April or May is a great idea. Temperatures can peak at 30 degrees – so be prepared for some serious sun!

About the culture:

Dominican culture takes its influences from its African, native Taino and European history, and this can be seen in the food, language and general way of life of the people here. Spanish is the predominant language, although English and Creole are also widely spoken, whilst the country is mostly Roman Catholic in terms of religion. Equally, Dominican cuisine is similar to Cuban or Puerto Rican, and the most important meal of the day is lunch, nicknamed ‘La Bandera’, which typically revolves around rice, red beans, meat (usually fish or chicken) and a side salad.

What we love:

The friendly locals, laid back vibe and crystal clear water will have you begging not to leave!

6 - 9 hrs flight time

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