Cape Verde

Cape Verde

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Why Cape Verde?

The 10 island archipelago are paradise for those wanting a honeymoon in Cape Verde. With golden sands stretching under endless skies, and a place of uniquely diverse culture, history and belonging that is at once very African, yet imitable.

Key information

Honeymoon Cape Verde is absolute paradise and would make an excellent destination as a result of its climate, beaches and outstanding seafood.

About the climate:

As Cape Verde is relatively near the Equator, the islands’ boast average annual temperatures between 26 and 30 degrees. There is generally low humidity and stronger winds between November and March, so if you’re a water sports enthusiast this would be a great time to visit.

April & May: At this time Cape Verde is just beginning to warm up. The sun will be shining and temperatures can peak at 25 degrees. These months are also during the dry period of the year in Cape Verde, so this is a safe bet for couples who want a honeymoon free of rainy weather!

June & July: If it’s beautiful weather you’re after, there’s no better time to visit Cape Verde than in June or July. With temperatures reaching 26 degrees celsius, it’s the perfect opportunity to soak up some sun on your romantic honeymoon. These months are also dry periods in Cape Verde, so you won’t have to worry about the rain.

August – October: As the hottest months of the year, this is a great time to make a trip to Cape Verde. However, they are also the wettest month. Temperatures can peak at 29 degrees, so there’s be no shortage of sun – but it may be worth packing an umbrella just in case! If you want to avoid the rain, then check out Cape Verde in June or July.

About the culture:

This volcanic archipelago is a fascinating mix of Portuguese and African culture. Since the Portuguese first colonised the islands in 1462, the islands have a rough and tumultuous history. The principal languages are Creole and Portuguese, although English is becoming increasingly prevalent and is now taught in schools as well. Thanks to Cape Verde’s location just to the west of Senegal, it blends African and European cultures in a way that is unlike anywhere else. Equally, you will be bewitched by the beguiling history, and you get the sense when present in Cape Verde that it is a country that is respectful of its past, but also very much forward facing as they look to the future.

What we love:

The fact that harsh and volcanic landscapes lie next to beautiful beaches. This would make a different, but incredibly special honeymoon destination.

3 - 6 hrs flight time

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