10 Great things to ask for on your Honeymoon Gift List

Nowadays, many couples live together for years before getting married, so the idea of bringing gifts to weddings of photo frames and household items are old hat – they’ve already got all the pots, pans and cupboards full of dinnerware that they could ever need! Asking for cash for the honeymoon is becoming a standard, but why not mix it up a little and set up a honeymoon gift list…


There are plenty of websites out there that allow couples to choose a range of gifts they’d like for their honeymoon, and we’ve whittled down some of our favourites for you.


Usually one of the most expensive parts of a holiday, so asking for contributions towards your flights can be a really handy way of keeping your costs down. People can offer an amount of their choice, or you could ask for flight upgrades. Fancy flying first class?

flights aeroplane honeymoon

Room Upgrade

Already booked the hotel? Add a room upgrade to your gift list, whether that’s to an Ocean View room in Cannes, an Overwater Bungalow in the Maldives or a Honeymoon Suite in Las Vegas.

the maldives

Spa Treatments

The perfect way for newlyweds to relax together. Ask for a couples massage on the beach or perhaps drinks in a private jacuzzi to while away the time.

spa treatment

Cocktail Night

Get your guests to ensure you can party the night away with a cocktail night in a local bar – trust me, they’ll want to see the pictures!


Sightseeing Tours

With so much to see during your stay, sometimes it’s nicer to get yourself a guided tour – by foot, bicycle, bus…or how about helicopter?

helicopter tour

Sightseeing can also add up pretty quickly, especially if you’re heading somewhere like the Big Apple for example. Add those must-see places to your gift list; the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or entry to the 9/11 Memorial Museum to name a few.

Bottle of Bubbly

How about a bottle of champagne on your arrival at the hotel? Not every gift on your list needs to be expensive. Sometimes it’s the little touches that make a honeymoon really special.

champagne honeymoon

Boat Trip

A sunset boat trip around the bay. Dolphin watching off the coast of the Canaries. Have we convinced you yet?

honeymoon couple boat

Ticket Entry

A perfect way to plan things to do during your stay! Visit the local waterpark, watch the big game in the local stadium, or catch a show in the evening. The choice is yours!

couples honeymoon


A little contribution to allow you to purchase some souvenirs could never go amiss.

souvenirs holiday


Bring out your adventurous side and pick some fun activities to get your guests to add to your itinerary; an exciting Saharan safari, white water rafting or even zip-lining through a gorge!

adventure couples honeymoon

When you head off on your honeymoon, the best way to say thank you is to snap a pic of each gift your guests have bought you. Send them the photo or tag them on Facebook so they can see you enjoying their gift.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to set up that list!

sight seeing couples