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The role of the Mother of the Bride

Becoming the Mother of the Bride is at first a very happy moment, but as the wedding planning progresses it can be daunting, with sleepless nights over selecting a suitably “Mother of the Bride” outfit and a fabulous hat, as well as feeling that you are fulfilling the duties expected of you. As Mother of the Bride, the most important role is to love and support your daughter in the most cheery and optimistic manner possible as she goes through one of the most stressful times of her life. Every bride’s mother has a different role as each daughter is different and different mothers have different relationships with their daughters. So don't compare your role as the Mother of the Bride to others, and in particular to the mother of the groom; as long as you are supporting your daughter and doing everything possible for her you are doing an excellent job.  

What not to wear

With so many designers focusing specifically on mother of the bride outfits there is no reason to feel you have to look frumpy. After all all eyes turn to the proud parents who traditionally arrive at the church or ceremony before the bride. It is therefore important to look your best without upstaging the bride! We will help you through the minefield of choosing an outfit as mother of the bride which you feel comfortable in, the bride likes, and hopefully does not clash with the outfit chosen by the mother of the groom.  

Millinery and hats

Weddings are one of the few occasions that most of us ever wear a hat, and for some, the prospect is daunting. But shopping for a hat can be a lot of fun, and it’s well worth visiting a specialist hat shop, or milliners, to find the right hat for you and your outfit. Don’t assume a hat has to match your outfit exactly. A toning shade often looks stunning. Alternatively, opt for neutral black, navy or cream, which can be trimmed with feathers, ribbons, flowers or beads to pick up the dominant colour from your dress or coat. On the big day, hold your head high and enjoy that added sense of style.


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