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Bridal Fitness and weight loss

If you don’t want to rely on “magic knickers” to give you the perfect figure for the big day, embark on a fitness regime well in advance. If you struggle with the self-discipline needed to turn up three times a week, or are intimidated by the more experienced clientele at workouts, investigate a private trainer to come to you. No longer the preserve of the rich and famous, personal trainers are more affordable than you may think and most gyms will be able to put you in touch with one. Wedding beauty is not just how you look on the outside but how you feel on the inside. But if you look stunning on the outside it will give you buckets of confidence and you will enjoy your day so much more.

If you are planning to lose weight to get into that dream dress then plan ahead. Don't leave it to the last minute and go on a crash diet, take it steady and try and give yourself as long as possible with achievable goals. If you struggle to get motivated why not join a slimming club and get some valuable support.

Detox retreats and bridal boot camps

Would you like glowing skin, flowing hair and beautiful nails on your wedding day? Are you feeling a little flat and need a refreshing weekend? A detox retreat could be your answer! With a specific diet and gentle exercise, as well as spa treatments, you will come away feeling like a new person. Detox retreats are also a fantastic opportunity to initiate weight loss.

Take it one step further with a bridal boot camp where you will spend 5-7 days working out, eating a strict healthy diet and losing weight. Average weight loss is over a pound per day on this sort of regime, often as much as two pounds. The great idea about investing in the cost of a boot camp – the best ones are around £1000 per week – is that you will have that great incentive not to cheat and to get the most from it; the perfect body.

Health Farms

Health farms are usually places in the country where people go to take part in a course of healthy eating and exercise, and are a great way to kick start your wedding weight loss and fitness schedule.

As well as exercise training and spa treatments it is common for health farms to offer nutrition and take cooking classes while they are there. This way, it is easier to maintain a healthy diet after returning home from the retreat. While it is possible to lose weight during even a short stay at a health farm, significant weight loss is usually the result of changes to habits and maintaining healthy routines in the long term.

The best health farms are more expensive to stay at than most Spas, so expect to pay £1000+ for a short stay.


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