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What are Wedding Favours?

In a tradition originally rooted in Europe, favours were given to guests as a token of thanks for taking part in the celebration of the Wedding. The five sugared almonds in the traditional tulle-wrapped favour are said to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity. In a modern wedding the giving of wedding favours to each of your guests is a lovely way to let each and every guest know they are special to you.
Put a little thought into each gift, perhaps tying a hand written message onto each favour, or giving every guest a different unique favour; little sweets for younger guests, liquor miniatures, chocolates or even table fireworks for adult guests Package them beautifully in little tulle bags, organza bags or nets, decorative boxes or simply brightly coloured tissue paper to match your colour scheme and help dress the table.

Anything is acceptable, from traditional sugared almonds, candles, sweets, bubbles and confetti, to little toys, photographs or CDs; the modern choice for favours is extensive, but be careful in your choice of favours that you are not being too self indulgent - do your guests really want a commemorative egg cup with the bride and groom's names painted on?

Modern favours

Current choices for modern favours include 'Love Heart' sweets, retro sweets, chocolates, biscuits or jelly beans. Personalised candles to commemorate your event are a nice idea, although some venues have restriction on using candles and may be nervous that guests light them there rather than taking them home. Other alternatives such as beautifully scented soaps, wedding fortune cookies or seeds enabling the recipient to grow a bloom from the bride's bouquet, are increasingly popular. For gentlemen, what about a miniature bottle of spirits, or even a lottery ticket! Brides have even given young trees to grow as their marriage grows.

Make it personal

Ask for your favours to be delivered well before the wedding and spend an evening writing each guest a little personalised note on pretty paper to tie to the outside or tuck inside the box. Order a few extra to send to guests that couldn’t attend - favours travel so much better than a slice of wedding cake. You can order personalised favours if you allow enough time – from personalised fortune cookies to personalised rock from Brighton, or little personalised chocolate bars with the bride and grooms name and the wedding date.

Charity favours

Oxfam Unwrapped - the charity gift range that made ‘giving goats’ famous – has wedding lists and favours that will make your wedding extra special by making a big difference to people living in poverty.

Couples can complete the big day with Oxfam Unwrapped’s brand new wedding favours containing wonderful world-changing gifts including; health check-ups, help teach a child, chicks, bags of seeds, buckets and animal vaccinations. The favours come in packs of 50 cards in eight different designs and cost £106. Guests receive the gorgeous white cards, made from recycled paper and people living in poverty benefit from the gift – everyone is happy and nothing is wasted.


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