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Entertainment for your Wedding

If you have any money left in your budget after planning the essentials, money spent on an entertainer, or a group of entertainers, will be money well spent. It can make the difference between an ordinary wedding that your guests enjoy, and one that they rave about with memories of fantastic magicians doing close up magic tricks at the tables during the meal, a casino for guests to play roulette and blackjack during the evening receptions, or perhaps even dodgems if your venue has the space outside to accommodate them. The cost of entertainment may not be as high as you expect, with professional magicians ranging from £200 upwards and simple fairground rides at a similar price, up to dodgems at £500 - £800. The price will include all the rides that your guests can enjoy so represents quite good value for money when compared to other aspects of the wedding.

Surprise your guests with the latest in wedding entertainment; singing waiters who will serve drinks and the food along with the rest of the catering staff before suddenly bursting into song.
If you have children at your wedding, keeping them entertained is crucial for everyone’s sake. A good professional children’s entertainer will keep them active and engaged, but may tire younger children very quickly. Avoid clowns; you may love them but many children find them terrifying. A Punch and Judy Show is a lovely idea but again some children may find the crocodile to be scary and refuse to watch without their parents, who would probably prefer to be being entertained elsewhere! A creche is a great option and most cater for all ages with electronic games and DVD players for teens, and crafts and activities for the younger ones. Use an experienced wedding creche company rather than staff from the local nursery as they will ensure that the crafts don’t involve glue or paint that could damage special outfits.

Outdoor entertainment options

For a summer wedding in a marquee or venue with large grounds the entertainment options are endless. A lot of venues have giant chess boards or giant Jenga for your guests to play and this can be a cheap alternative to hiring a bouncy castle, bar fly, sumo wrestling suits or other inflatable games.


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