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Choosing your Wedding Transport

Wedding transport is a very important aspect of the wedding. There is nothing worse than waiting for hours for your wedding car while all your guests are waiting at the church. You want to be able to turn up when you want in a calm and composed manner. Your wedding day is going to be stressful and unreliable transport is not a good way to start. However, have no fear there are many reliable wedding cars and carriages companies out there to help you travel to and from your wedding in style. At the moment it is fashionable to use a wedding car hire company but there are many different types of wedding transports- so find something that you like and and makes you feel special! From horse drawn carriages to wedding limos, the possibilities are endless!

Choosing your perfect Wedding Car

The vintage Rolls Royce, a classic Daimler, suave Bentleys, a fine Mercedes or classy Jaguar - the choices are endless for wedding transport for your big day, and there will be plenty of good reputable professional car hire companies in your area to choose from. Aim for a specialist wedding car company as private hire rules and regulations vary depending on the type of cars in a fleet, with a special exemption in licensing regulations specifically covering weddings and funerals, and they are more likely to be able to help with the little details such as ribbons and flowers in the car and perhaps a bottle of champagne.

Traditional wedding cars

For most couples the only time that they will travel in a chauffeur driven classic car, lovingly restored, is on the way to or from their wedding. Don’t worry if you don’t know the name of the car you have perhaps seen in a magazine or at a wedding fair, the car companies won’t expect everyone to know an Armstrong Siddeleys from their Austins, so browse through pictures and photos, find what you want and then track it down. You may find our online image search will help with that task.

Vintage is really fashionable at the moment for wedding transport so if you are going to head the trend ensure that you book your vintage wedding car as soon as possible as they are still a fairly small niche part of the market. The biggest trend is the the classic VW Campervan- not the most elegant choice but is something you and your guests will never forget!

Wedding cars tend to be used to get the bride, her father and the bridesmaids to the wedding. If you are getting married in church the same limousine will take the married couple from the church to the reception. But it need not all be about the bride; perhaps your groom would like to arrive to your wedding with the Best Man in a modern Ferrari or Porsche - there are specialist wedding car hire companies offering sports car hire for the weekend, with prices similar to a chauffeur driven classic car.

Stretched limousines

Perfect for a glamorous arrival, and with plenty of space for your wedding dress, stretched limousines have maintained their popularity for weddings, hen and stag nights, and for leaving for your honeymoon in style, for over a decade. They are comfortable and reliable, so you will not only arrive in style but also on time!
Be sure to check out the company's credentials and that the stretch hasn’t been stretched too far! We have heard of a number of home made "cut and shunt" stretched limos being used for weddings.

Horse drawn carriages

Although more often used to take the Bride and Groom from the church to the reception, if you are having a civil ceremony at a stately home or country hotel it would be very fitting for your wedding transport to be a horse-drawn carriage. In most cases, the carriage just takes you the last mile or two, giving you the chance to relax, gather your thoughts, and arrive in this most romantic style of transport. Arrange for the carriage to stay until after the ceremony to whisk you both away for some photographs, or to take the younger guests for a ride. A romantic and enchanting way to start and finish your wedding. The glass cinderella coach used for the wedding between Katie Price and Peter Andreae at Highclere Castle brought about a trend in “urban” horse drawn carriages with lots of glass and glitter, but most couples wanting a horse and carriage are looking for the simple more traditional approach of a single horse and carriage, or perhaps a matched pair, traditionally turned out.

Hiring wedding transport

Surprisingly, anyone can hire out their car for a wedding - there is an exemption in licensing regulations specifically covering weddings and funerals.This means that there is a huge choice of vehicles, from VW Camper Vans to home made stretched limousines, available alongside the large reputable companies offering a selection of modern and vintage wedding cars. 


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