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How to choose your wedding videographer

A contemporary wedding videographer will produce a DVD that is not so much a home movie, more a television special or feature film. Professional videographers will keep in the background quietly filming and recording all that takes place, then carefully editing it in their studio to incorporate all the best bits into a wonderful memorable wedding video.
Most professional video production companies offer a wedding package to include attendance on the day and editing production of a high quality DVD and perhaps a shortened edit. Whether they bring a second cameraman, and how much time they spend editing your wedding video will depend on your budget. The more time spent the more expensive the package, but the better the result will be.

A good camera man (or woman) should be unobtrusive, yet capture all that went on, including a lot that the bride and groom didn’t see or hear. Compared to still photographs, you will have a record of not only the entire day, but also a more intense experience: the pure entertainment of all the voices, music, laughter, atmosphere, movement and pace from your special day.

Do we need to video the day?

The majority of couples don’t have a video, and yet all those who do, say afterwards “we are so glad we did” when they see the results that can be achieved these days. Most couples feel that the day went too quickly and all in a blur, so imagine being able to snuggle together on the sofa for an evening alone to re-live the day. Imagine having your friends round to view the highlights chapter, reminiscing over what happened. Imagine watching while your family point out all the guests you didn’t have a chance to meet properly. Imagine listening to your vows again, which will have gone by on the day without registering!

Most importantly, for those with close family or friends who for any reason are unable to attend, modern videography enables you to send them a high definition wedding video so that they can get a real feel of the day.

Here are the is what to look for in a professional wedding video:

  • Correct pace. You shouldn’t be bored after watching the first few seconds, because nothing much is happening.
  • Is the picture steady, so you can watch without feeling seasick? Or is it wobbling and crooked, because they don't keep the camera still?
  • Can you hear the voices properly, especially during the ceremony and the speeches?
  • Can your videographer produce not only DVDs, but also widescreen pictures. Your wedding should fill that new expensive television screen properly, not be stretched to fit.
  • Your DVD should have chapter markers and menus, so you can re-live the parts you want. It should have a short highlights section, when you want a quick fix(!) and maybe a brief trailer, to show friends who don’t want to watch the entire video.


YouTube and Social Media videos

In the fast moving world of social media you may find that there are wedding clips from your special day on YouTube before you have even danced your last dance, and pity the bride that faints at the altar, or the bridesmaid that knocks over the wedding cake; there is a good chance that someone has caught it on video and it will be added to all the other wedding disaster videos online before the day is over. With video cameras on most mobile phones there is little you can do to control or prevent this although most ministers and wedding celebrants will request that only the official videographer should shoot footage of the actual ceremony.


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