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What to do if your wedding business gets boring.

Managing the boring bits of your business.

Running your own wedding business – the creativity, the gorgeous designs, the glamour of the big day. It’s what we dreamed about.  But then there are the rather less exciting bits – sorting out contracts, doing the accounts, following up enquiries, updating your website.

Unfortunately as the business owner there is no getting away from the boring stuff.  Of course, what’s boring for you may be a breeze for someone else – we are all different, after all.

Personally I’m quite happy with accounts so updating my figures is quick and easy. But (whisper it) sorting out social media updates has me yawning over my laptop. So how do you tackle the inevitable essential but dull tasks in your business?

Option 1 – Just Do It

There are some things that really only the business owner can do. It could be down to budget, skills or knowledge. Whatever – you are just going to have to get on with it. Leaving it to fester on your to-do list won’t make it go away, so ditch the procrastination and sort it.

My tips for handling the tasks I dislike:

Set aside specific slots in your diary. You might want to do a little every day or get it all done in one afternoon a week. Try different ways until you find one that works for you.

For bigger tasks, break them down into manageable chunks – then you can see yourself making progress.

Promise yourself a treat when it’s done

Option 2 – Give it to someone else

Delegating and outsourcing should be a priority for every business owner.  

If you have staff, then sharing out the less exciting tasks ensures everyone contributes without feeling they are being dumped on.

Outsourcing frees up your time and lets you concentrate on the creative work you do best. Use a virtual assistant for routine admin, a bookkeeper to manage your accounts. Not only will they take the burden from you, but they’ll probably do a much quicker and better job!

Option 3 – Don’t Do It

It’s worth asking yourself whether something really has to be done.

Unfortunately you can’t avoid doing accounts. But for other things there may be an alternative. Hate doing wedding fairs? Look at whether you can replace them with a different marketing option like increasing your Social Media activity or trying Google Adwords.

Non-Option 4 – Ignore It

This is not recommended!

Although it’s probably the one most of us do – leaving the tasks we don’t want to do until they either become urgent, impossible or the opportunity has gone.

And all the time we are ignoring it, it’s preying on our minds and holding us back. So make it a priority to get the boring stuff sorted so you are free for all the things you started your business to achieve.

Alison Wren is the editor of Wedding Business Success, a blog for wedding businesses and is Head Judge for the North of England Wedding Awards.

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