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Wedding Venue Insurance – Advice for venues

Other than the happy couple, the venue is the centre of any wedding and couples search far and wide to find a perfect venue for their big day. Whether you are a stately home, private residence, barn, castle or hotel – weddings are a great source of income and the right insurance is key to ensuring that you are able to remain in the business of providing unforgettable days should the worst happen.

With over 25 years of industry experience, the Wedding Insurance Group was created to serve as a expert in wedding venue insurance. They have given us a few different claim scenarios, which highlight the dangers you can face as a wedding venue business and the importance of having the right policy and protection at a good price!

1. Escape of water

A leak occurs from a pipe in one of the guest bathrooms potentially disrupting guests arriving for the big day. As a result, tiles are removed in a number of the property’s bathrooms in order to locate and repair the leak. The policy would respond and the insurance company would organise new replacement tiles using samples and the client’s contractor is then able to replace the damaged tiles in the bathrooms in good time.

2. Accidental damage – pairs and sets

A wedding venue discovers that one of its prized pieces of fine art has been accidentally damaged which forms part of a pair and set. Although the insurer would not be able to replace the damaged item, repairs would be undertaken and the diminished value of the pair covered. 

3. Fraud and dishonesty

A finance clerk transfers funds out of a business expense account into their own personal account for a period of months before the partners of a wedding venue realise and get the authorities involved. The money has already been spent and could not be recovered – with the right cover in place the Contents section of the insurance policy could respond to cover the loss and to keep the business going.

 4. Business interruption

A landslide occurs close to a wedding venue which blocks the only access road to it. Some damage also occurs to the venue itself. The insurers would act fast to remove the debris and to settle any loss of income whilst the venue could not be accessed.

5. Employers’ Liability

An employee falls from a step ladder whilst setting up the venue and injures themselves requiring hospital treatment. The insurance policy which also includes cover for labour-only subcontractors working under your control, apprentices and work experience personnel would respond to agree compensation.

6. Public and Product Liability

A wedding guest trips on a loose floor tile and falls, suffering injuries which unfortunately leads to hospitalisation. With public liability covering claims from third parties following bodily injury or property damage the policy responds to ensure that the venue can agree compensation and works to protect the venue’s reputation as a result of the claim. 

7. Loss of licence

The authorities take steps to suspend or revoke a licence you need to trade threatening a vital income stream to your business. Thankfully, the insurance policy will respond in order to protect your income.

As the above demonstrates, there are many situations where you could find yourself in need of a quality product.

Who are the Wedding Insurance Group?

With over 25 years of industry experience, the Wedding Insurance Group were established to cater for the wedding profession. They have taken the time to understand what you do as an industry and have created products that will keep you in business should the worst happen.

So, what do the Wedding Insurance Group offer?

Put simply, they offer quality products at an affordable price backed by UK based insurance companies. The Wedding Insurance Group are proud to represent the wedding industry and have created policies which are unique to them. The group is a great place to secure top notch insurance.  Click here to visit their website or contact them for a free quotation.

Tel: 0121 550 2380/ 0800 699 0659


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