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Insurance – is your business covered?

No matter what sector of the wedding industry you belong, whether it’s planning, styling, transportation, media, retail or creative – insurance is key to each and every business. With over 25 years of industry experience, the Wedding Insurance Group was created to serve as an expert in wedding business insurance. They have given us a few different claim scenarios, which highlight the dangers you can face as a wedding business and the importance of having the right policy and protection at a good price!

1. Flood

A flood usually occurs following stormy weather conditions and can cause damage to business contents and stock. As a result, the policy would respond and the insurance company would organise new replacement items to ensure that the client is back up and running as soon as possible. They would also help with the clean up – utilising their network of approved services.

2. Theft of Business Equipment

A wedding business discovers that two state of the art cameras have been stolen from the venue whilst working on a wedding event. With the Wedding Insurance Group the insurance would cover items left under the custody and control of a third party venue.

 3. Business Interruption

A bridal retailer suffers when a fire near their premises occurs. The fire quickly spreads to their business and leaves the building unusable. The insurance policy would have not only covered the physical damage to the building and the business equipment and contents/stock inside, but it would also cover the costs of alternative premises and any loss in income whilst they were unable to trade.

4. Professional Indemnity

A wedding and event planner is instructed by a client to plan a wedding. Unfortunately, the client is not satisfied with the end result and accuses the planner of making an error in the course of their duty. The insurance policy aims to protect the business against the cost of settling or defending the client’s claim that there is a problem with the planners work undertaken for them. 

5. Employers’ Liability

An employee injures themselves whilst dressing the venue and requires hospital treatment. The insurance policy which also includes cover for labour-only subcontractors working under your control, apprentices and work experience personnel would respond to agree compensation. 

6. Public and Product Liability

A wedding guest trips over some catering equipment left out in the corridor, suffering injuries which unfortunately leads to hospitalisation. With public liability covering claims from third parties following bodily injury or property damage the policy responds to ensure that compensation is agreed and works to protect the reputation of the business as a result of the claim.

As the above demonstrates, there are many situations where you could find yourself in need of a quality product.

Who are the Wedding Insurance Group?

With over 25 years of industry experience, the Wedding Insurance Group were established to cater for the wedding profession. They have taken the time to understand what you do as an industry and have created products that will keep you in business should the worst happen.

So, what do the Wedding Insurance Group offer?

Put simply, they offer quality products at an affordable price backed by UK based insurance companies. The Wedding Insurance Group are proud to represent the wedding industry and have created policies which are unique to them. The group is a great place to secure top notch insurance.  Click here to visit their website or contact them for a free quotation.

Tel: 0121 550 2380/ 0800 699 0659

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