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How to get a Hashtag Trending on Twitter


If you’re active on Twitter you may be familiar with the popular hashtag #WeddingWednesday, which frequently makes Twitter’s trend list on a Wednesday. Back in 2009, Guides for Brides were the originators of this hashtag, which took the wedding industry by storm. Shortly after Guides for Brides joined Twitter in 2009, we noticed the success of popular hashtags such as #FollowFriday and #TravelTuesday. There was a gap for weddings and the obvious space was #WeddingWednesday. 


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Why did we create #WeddingWednesday?

This day turns all the attention to wedding businesses, allowing us to showcase bridal trends, fashions and provide the wedding industry with valuable and useful support. #WeddingWednesday has grown from strength to strength and is now a frequently used hashtag among reputable businesses such as Tiffany & Co. and Wedding Ideas Magazine.

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So, how do you create a trending hashtag?

You have to begin by finding a gap in the Twitter hashtag market and then be the first to fill it. Firstly, have a think about what you want the purpose of your hashtag to be. Who do you want to target? Who do you want to engage with the hashtag? Choosing your audience will help you decide on a catchy hashtag. For example, if you’re a florist aiming to engage other florists and industry bloggers, think of a catchy phrase that these businesses would remember and want to engage with. Hashtags focusing on a certain day of the week or hour tend to be popular because people have a set time to engage, post and share content. Popular options may include #FloristFriday or #FloristHour. 

What happens if the hashtag has been used before?

Chances are that someone will have used your chosen hashtag before – but don’t worry, this doesn’t matter. Have a look back through the tweets on the live hashtag feed and make sure you are adding a new dimension to the hashtag. When we started #WeddingWednesday, other people had of course used this hashtag before due to it’s catchy alliteration phrasing. However, we noticed that it hadn’t been used to build a community chat, so there was our gap in the hashtag market!

So, for example – if you are trying to create a chat for florists then make sure people aren’t already doing this the same hashtag. If you find that your chosen hashtag is already well established and engaged with then add it to your list and make sure you join in! You don’t have to be the originator to have a presence.

How do you get people to engage with the hashtag?

Try directly tweeting businesses who would be ideal candidates to engage with the hashtag. Simply tell them about the new hashtag which they don’t want to miss engaging with! Hopefully, they will retweet or engage, which will help spread the word. Approaching accounts of authority in the wedding industry or accounts who have a large Twitter following is a good place to start. These may include top wedding bloggers, wedding directories such as Guides for Brides, associations or magazines. You & Your Wedding helped spread #WeddingWednesday in its early days.

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Reward those who engage! When people use the hashtag, make sure you engage with them and build a Twitter relationship. If you give people a positive reaction to using the hashtag then they will probably use it again.

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The key to building a successful hashtag community?

Engage, engage and engage some more! Spread the word through your social media accounts, blog and even website. You can also get other businesses on board to help you do this. Make sure you engage with anyone who uses the hashtag in the way you wanted and reinforce the growing popularity of the “soon to be” trending hashtag.

Good luck.


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