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Email marketing top tips

Email marketing is a great tool to promote your wedding business to your existing clients or potentials, however getting it right can often be difficult. Firstly, it is important to distinguish between your B2C (brides/grooms) and B2B emails; they will have very different messages and should be written in different tones. Here are our top tips to help make your email marketing effective:

Getting started:

  • Sign up with a self managed email marketing company such as GetResponse. These types of companies usually offer a free trial and then subscriptions tiered to your planned usage. 
  • Use the templates provided; there are always plenty to choose from and are designed for all abilities.
  • Use templates that reflect not only the message you are sending, but also the look of your own website or business style.
Wording the email:
  • Make sure that the email subject line is eye catching and will encourage them to read more.
  • Decide what the message is that you are sending, who you are targeting and set the tone accordingly. 
  • Do not make the emails too long. Concise and to the point is best.
  • Try to include a call to action, for example a special offer, competition or social media interaction.
  • When including a call to action, ensure that this is prominent on the email.
  • If you are using images ensure that they are relevant to the text.  Do not use images that do not belong to you. Either use your own or purchase them from providers such as Dollar Photo Club or iStock Photo.
  • Try not to insert too many links within the email. You do not want them clicking away from it too many times and not coming back. If linking to your own website, ensure that the link lands on the relevant page to the email and not just on the homepage.
Managing your lists:
  • Ensure that your email addresses are separated into various lists and name them accordingly. This will enable you to target each group with specific campaigns relevant to them. It is better to send a few different emails to various audiences, rather than to send one email that try’s to cover everything.
  • You must have permission to email the addresses on your database and never sell these on.
  • Be careful with third party marketing. If you include promotional information from other businesses within the email, you must have the the permission of the recipient.
  • You must always include an ‘Unsubscribe’ link on your emails. If you are not using an email marketing program, then you need to give clear instructions as to how the recipient can be removed from your database.
  • If you are not using an email marketing program ensure that you BCC (blind carbon copy) recipients not CC.
  • Always send a test email to yourself. Check that the layout looks right and all of the links work within it.
  • Test and measure the best time of day to send the email out. If you are using an email marketing company the statistics provided will tell you how many emails were opened at what times of the day.

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