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Are you making the most of #WeddingWednesday?


Guides for Brides created #weddingwednesday back in 2009 as a place for wedding businesses to interact and engage with one another. It has now become the “go-to” hashtag in the wedding community. Turning all the attention to wedding businesses, this day allows businesses to share trends, advice, gossip or support – whilst simultaneously raising brand awareness. If you’re a Twitter user, then the question remains – are you taking full advantage of #weddingwednesday? A great place to connect with new businesses, talk to brides and exposure both your brand and content to your target audience, #weddingwednesday is definitely worth a little time. If you’re unsure where to start and have no idea what to post or how to engage with the right people, then we’re here to help! Keep reading to become a #weddingwednesday expert.

Question #1: What should I post?

So, before you engage with #weddingwednesday you need to find some content. It doesn’t need to be fancy – in fact, some of the best content is plain and simple. Whether it be a beautiful wedding photograph you’ve found on Pinterest, a funny ecard about getting married or a blog from your website – that’s all good content that is worth sharing. Google, wedding blogs, Instagram and Pinterest are all bursting with great content for you to share. Here’s an example:

Need-help-with-your-wedding-planning-3 (1)

However, posting funny content means that whilst you are likely to get likes and retweets (and possibly even some followers!) – you are less likely to drive traffic to your website. If this is something you are wanting to do then the best content to share is organic content which drives people to your website directly. For example, an inspirational or informative blog post that you have written yourself. Or perhaps a special offer or deal which you people need to visit your site to claim. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.23.34

Question #2: What should I hashtag?

Once you’ve found some good content and you’ve written your tweet – make sure you add in the relevant hashtags – otherwise your tweet will not be found! Think of hash-tagging as a torch. By adding in a hashtag to your post you are shining the light on your tweet so more people will come across it. Hashtag the relevant subjects that you are talking about. This may be #wedding, #blog, #weddingvenue or #weddingphotography. But remember, to engage with #weddingwednesday then you must include the hashtag in your tweet! This is crucial.

Question #3: Should I tag people in my tweet?

Before you tweet, have a think about tagging specific people in your tweet (if you feel it is relevant). You may want to target a wedding directory, magazine or blog in the hope that they will retweet or reply to your tweet. The advantage of tagging relevant businesses is that it puts your tweet directly in front of them, in their Twitter notifications. However, if you just want to engage with the hashtag then don’t worry about tagging anyone – just remember the vital hashtags!

Question #4: How do I engage with the hashtag without tweeting?

If you don’t want to tweet, then you can still engage with the hashtag by typing it in to the Twitter search bar and browsing the live feed. Scroll through and see what other people are tweeting; choose something that grabs your attention and like or retweet the post. You can also click reply (the little left arrow button under the post) to send a comment. If you want to make yourself known to a particular company or bride then commenting on their posts is a great way to get your business in front of them. 

Browsing the #weddingwednesday feed is also a great way to get some inspiration if you are stuck on what to tweet!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.26.47

Question #5: What are the benefits to engaging with #weddingwednesday?

Engaging with the wedding industry’s “go-to” hashtag is a great way to meet new businesses and generally increase your brand awareness. It can also help grow your Twitter followers and your other social media followers. More importantly, it will hopefully drive traffic to your website – particularly if you are posting organic content such as your blog posts, which drive people directly to your site. And it doesn’t stop there! 

Helpful tips for writing the perfect tweet…

If you are wanting to tweet a link, use the website to shorten it. Twitter has a relatively small character limit per tweet so shortening the link means that you will still have room to write something engaging in your tweet. We also love emojis! To make your tweet look more engaging, add an appropriate emoji on the end. Use the website to copy and paste emojis into your tweet.


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