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Are you a social media ‘faffer’?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by Social Media?

There are so many options – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. Not to mention Google+ and LinkedIn.  Not only that, but it’s an ever-changing landscape – new features, rule changes, news feed tweaks. It’s impossible to keep up.

And then there are all the so-called experts out there telling you how you MUST do ‘X’ selling you their latest book/e-course/workshop. It’s no wonder so many wedding businesses end up faffing about with social media rather than working to a clear strategy and action plan.

Work out your strategy – Social media doesn’t need to be a sales channel (and you don’t have to be super-active on it), but your customers may expect you to have some presence on it these days.  If you understand what you want to achieve and work to a plan then your time will be spent much more effectively.

Social Media Faffing:

(Stop and think if you are doing any of these!)

– Posting randomly whenever you get a free moment

– Setting up profiles on every social network but hardly ever posting

– Auto-posting the same thing across each social platform

– Posting sales messages all the time

– Hitting the “Boost Post” button on Facebook when you feel like it rather than working out an advertising plan.

– Posting items that rarely receive any comments, shares or Likes

– Looking at your insights and stats but never doing anything about them (or worse – never looking at them at all).

– Not interacting with others, e.g. sharing, commenting and liking their posts

– Not measuring the time & money you spend on social media

– Not measuring the results you get from social media

Any of those sound familiar? If so, it’s time to stop faffing and think about what you want from social media – then put an action plan in place to achieve it.

Businesses which use social media effectively:

 – Constantly test and measure what they do.

– Put their effort into the networks their target clients use and don’t try to be everywhere.

– Post regularly and consistently.

– Use social media to build relationships rather than to advertise.

– Share content their fans love.

– Measure how much (time or money) they invest in social media and understand the return they get.

Alison Wren is the editor of Wedding Business Success, a blog for wedding businesses and is Head Judge for the North of England Wedding Awards.


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