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Wedding Email address – Making the right choice

Are you thinking of setting up a specific email address for that all-important wedmin? Many couples start their wedding planning by setting up an email address specifically for their wedding plans, but is it a good idea?

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The benefits. The benefits are easy to see; email accounts are free to set up, all of your planning emails will be in one place, you can both access the same emails and after the wedding you can just close the account, after all there is no reason to stay in touch with your wedding suppliers..  

However … Do you want your partner to see all the plans? Will you be sharing emails about the dress, the hen night plans or the gift you are buying him, or will those be on a different email address? Will you remember to monitor both? 

Keep it Simple. Using your personal email address means that all your wedmin will be stored efficiently in one place and checked on a regular basis; particularly important in the days immediately before the wedding. Only having to monitor one account will save you a lot of time.

Don’t get black-listed! We’ve noticed that a lot of our emails struggle to get through to Hotmail, Live and Outlook email addresses.  Businesses that value the authenticity of their mail list won’t want email addresses on their lists which repeatedly bounce as this would discredit the senders status so you will be at risk of being removed from important mailing lists. Whether it’s your wedding planner updates, guest RSVPS, supplier replies or an urgent email from your venue, if our emails don’t always reach you, will others? 

What’s our advice? Use your usual email address and get into the habit of cc’ing your partner into relevant emails. Suppliers are familiar with liaising with several parties so will usually reply to all. If you have already set up a Hotmail, Live or Outlook address check your spam folder regularly and mark relevant emails as being safe.  

After the wedding. Don’t just ditch all of your suppliers! If their emails are bothering you, mark them as spam. However more often they are contacting you to hear how the day went, to tell you that  your wedding has been chosen for a Real Wedding feature or to congratulate you on your first anniversary.


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