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Top 5 diamond cuts for your big day…

If you’ve been looking for the perfect wedding ring cut, there are certainly a lot of options to consider! The huge variety of cuts available can become slightly overwhelming. From elegant emerald cuts to vintage marquise cuts, there are unique benefits to each style. Read on, and let us help you pick the ring which is most suitable for you and your taste…

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The Emerald Cut:

The emerald cut ring is one of the most rectangular-shaped diamond rings. This style is similar to the marquise cut, as both are normally worn by women with typically long fingers – a good point to keep in mind! Emerald utilises the step cut design for its edges, giving it a classic appeal – perfect for the traditional lady. The ring clarity is made more visible due to its surface, with the shape making it heavier than its original size. It is an affordable ring that looks expensive at the same time.

pinterest emerald cut ring

The Princess Cut:

The princess cut diamond ring is similar to the emerald style, only smaller and square in shape. It is also unique from the emerald cut as it doesn’t have a plain top surface and a step cut design edge. Due to its shape and structure, the princess cut diamond rings appear sparkling and bright when compared to other diamond cuts, making it one of the most attractive rings for the majority of women. Doesn’t every bride want to feel like a princess (or queen!)?

pinterest princess cut ring

The Round Cut:

The round cut ring is one of the most popular cuts to date, especially for engagement rings as it is a very traditional way to symbolise love and commitment. The round cut is designed with 58 facets and a diamond cut for maximum sparkle and flashy appeal, making it suitable for most brides as it is a very clean-cut style. Round cut rings boast a classic versatility with a variety of settings, metals and side stones, making each individual ring unique.

pinterest round ring cut

The Asscher Cut:

One of the most intricate cuts available, this cut showcases a very unique way to express your love. They are simply recognised for the ‘X’ visible in the diamond tables, ranging from square to a more rectangular shape. Asscher cuts are designed to showcase their beauty with simple elegance, with the asscher shape emphasising diamond clarity for a stunning effect. 

pinterest Asscher cut ring

The Marquise Cut:

Saving the (potentially) best for last, there is the marquise cut. Perhaps the most radiant style of them all! It boasts of a rare and majestic style, illuminating with a brilliant sparkle. The facet pattern is designed to reflect light with its elongated shape, giving a higher size per carat weight when compared to any other diamond cut. Certainly the first thought that comes to mind when spotting one of these styles, is ‘wow’ -perfect for the bling bride! 

pinterest Marquise ring cut

All photo credits: Pinterest

The wedding ring is a symbol of love and unity in marriage and is there to show your undying love! Therefore, it is important to make a wise choice amongst the numerous beautiful cuts when choosing your wedding ring – after all, it’s set for a lifetime on your finger. Read more about diamond cuts.


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