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Top 10 Golden Honeymoon Rules

There is lots to consider when planning the most memorable getaway of your life. Once you’ve planned your great escape, your next task is to make the most of it! One of the UK’s top honeymoon tour operators, Turquoise, have given us their Top 10 Golden Honeymoon Rules for a holiday that will exceed perfection…

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1. Plan and book your honeymoon early. Not only do the best rooms in the most popular hotels get booked up early, but your honeymoon should not be planned at the last minute – you’ll have other things to worry about! Flight schedules come out 11 months in advance of travel dates, but accommodation can be booked before. 

2. Listen to others. Wherever you go and whoever you book with, ask to talk to someone who has actually been to the property where you intend to stay. First-hand knowledge is vital. The Turquoise staff have visited 30 countries and over 200 hotels in the last year alone! 

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3. Which name are you travelling with? Decide if you want to travel in your new married name or not and stick to your decision; airlines charge heavily for name changes. We suggest travelling under your maiden name – you’ll have enough to think about without passport changes.

4. Think about a realistic budget. There’s nothing worse than staying in an expensive hotel and not being able to buy a drink. Much better to have the best room in a less expensive hotel and live like a king and queen.

5. Weather. In this ever-changing world nothing is certain, but do seek good advice. Particularly in the tropics, the hottest season can be accompanied by high humidity.

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6. Did someone say upgrade? Many airlines now offer mid-class as well as business class cabins, so ask about the cost of upgrading – it may well be worth the money.

7. Forget about electronics. Don’t take a mobile phone or even think about checking your emails. Phone are permitted for photos only…

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8. Be prepared for flight delays/ changes. Remember, even scheduled airlines can impose flight changes. Our advice is to try to avoid flying the night of your wedding and wait at least a day.

9. Top tip. Don’t get up for breakfast for at least one morning of your honeymoon.

10. Enjoy yourself! Look after each other and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Remember, paradise is who you’re with, not where you are.



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