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To cheese, or not to cheese, that is the question!

Are you bored of all the wedding cakes? Would you like to find a more creative and quirky cake? If the answers yes then cheese wedding cakes is your answer as they offer an alternative source to a traditional cake and are the latest trend. Also, you can make the cake look more attractive by adding fruit, flowers, feathers and ribbons to easily customise your cake to fit the theme of your wedding.

There is a wide range of cheeses to choose from, which include cheddar, Red Leicester, Brie to Cornish yarg which can be placed in tiers to look like a real wedding cake. This is a great option to choose as it can surprise your guests and create a relaxed feel to the day. Also, a cheese wedding cake can be decorated to become a visual statement and make the atmosphere feel informal. Just remember, in the summer season don’t choose particular strong cheeses and always put the hardest cheeses on the bottom and softer cheeses like brie on top as they will sink or melt.

The Oxford Cheese Wedding Cake Company is a great company to choose as you can create your own personalised wedding cake with their large selection of cheeses made from organic and local ingredients.  After all, who wants a normal wedding cake anyway?

Cheese cake


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