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The Truth Behind Proposals

Why do men REALLY decide to pop the question?  A recent survey conducted by revealed some interesting facts to help shed some light on the truth behind proposals.

why men propose

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Making the Decision:

55% of husbands-to-be proposed after picking up subtle hints from their girlfriends.  Remember hovering around that jewellery shop window gazing at engagement rings and then buying yourself a wedding magazine “just for fun?”

30% propose as a result of pressure from parents – the classic parent line of “you’re getting on a bit son, don’t you think it’s time you thought about making it more official?”

ring engagement

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The ring:

The stress free option would be to let  you choose a ring “post” proposal. But who said romance was dead? 67% of husbdands-to-be purchased an engagement ring before the proposal – with an impressive 87% claiming that their bride-to-be was happy with their choice of ring.

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Where is the most popular place to propose?

27% of men said that a beauty spot or place in the countryside, making it the most popular place to pop the question.  So if you’re expecting a lavish proposal on a yacht or round-the-world trip, you may just be in for a stroll around the park.

While 20% of men propose on a foreign break like Paris or Rome, 15% propose at home on the sofa and 7% propose in bed.  So ladies, men really do pop the question anywhere – so be prepared!

But wherever you’re proposed to – romance is not dead. 71% of grooms still go down on one knee for that all important question.


Photo credit: Pinterest

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