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A wet knot never comes undone…

With all this wet weather we thought that we might give you some tips for a wet wedding! You have dreamt of your wedding day your entire life and after all your careful planning the last thing you want to happen is for the heavens to open over your special day! After all the wet weather this summer here are some tips on how to cope with a wet wedding!

1. Accept what you can’t change – Whether you have planned your wedding obsessively or not your day will not go 100% to plan. Therefore it is essential to just ignore any mishaps that might occur so you can enjoy the special moments you will treasure forever!

2. Have a collection of umbrellas and raincoats at the ready- proper preparation prevents poor performance! If you have them at the ready you will not have to waste precious moments on your big day searching round the house for that camouflaged kagool.

3. Soggy Photographs-any photographer worth his salt will be able to find some special spots for those treasured photographs. Whether it is the doorway of the church or the reception entrance. There is no need to panic. In addition you may get some dramatic shots against a stormy sky!

4. Think outside the box- if you know it is likely to be wet on your day, you could look into ‘weddington boots‘ or dramatic (and sturdy!) marquees. It will just add another feature to your wedding making it unique!

Rain is not the end of the world, the flowers won’t wilt, everybody will stay in one place and you can have as much sun as you want once you are on your honeymoon. Your wedding day is about you and your man not the overcast skies!


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