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New Year, New Bride…

The glitter of the New Year’s big drop has subsided and it’s time to get out the hoover, pop the bottles back in the cupboard (or the empties in the recycling) and ready yourself for the brilliant, magical, sparkly new year…

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Your wedding reception under canvas

For couples choosing to celebrate their nuptials under canvas, there are an increasing number of options available.  From stretch tents to big tops, yurts to Bedouin tents, there is something for every theme and budget. Tipi1 Beautiful in any landscape,  tipis provide a warm and atmospheric backdrop to any styling theme – from a traditional English Country wedding in the grounds of a stately home, to an earthy festival wedding in a wildflower meadow. Tipi2 The tipis can be attached and configured flexibly dependent of the size of the wedding and site, comfortably seating up to 1000 guests.  An extensive range of furnishings and lighting are available – including open fires to keep the tipis warm and cosy! Second time winners of  The Wedding Industry Award for Best Marquee Hire Provider, World Inspired Tents offer a range of Nordic inspired tipis.

Romantic honeymoons

Romantic honeymoons can be slightly different depending on your preferences. One couples idea of romance can be walks on a deserted island, and the other a joint bungee jump off a bridge in New Zealand.

For seclusion and solitude then places like Mauritius and the Maldives are a haven for private beaches, romantic settings and beautiful surroundings. Think about yourself walking down the beach hand in hand along a breath-taking coastline, the clear blue waters lapping at your feet, before heading back to your honeymoon villa to watch the sunset.


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Footwear for Comfort

From the first step to the last dance, your wedding shoes make a huge impact on how comfortable you are throughout your special day. Some brides opt for skyscraper heels for a glamorous edge to their look, while others choose sandals for warm summer weddings; but in the quest for complete comfort and style, more and more brides-to-be are taking the alternative route and bringing a casual
element to their traditionally formal wedding attire.

wedding shoes














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The history of Wedding Favours

Centuries ago, European aristocrats would honour their wedding guests with small trinket boxes made of crystal, porcelain or even jewel encrusted gold & silver. Known as “bonbonnieres”, these beautiful little boxes would contain sweet confections considered as symbols of wealth and royalty.

Weddings were thought to be lucky – and by giving bonbonnieres, or wedding favours as they are now known, the happy couple were seen to be passing some of their good fortune onto their guests. But sugar was a precious commodity few could afford so many bridal couples would offer their guests tokens such as love knots made from ribbon and lace. Others would create little embroidered linen bags filled with plain almonds. Typically five – which were said to represent; health, wealth, happiness, fertility & longevity.

Grasmere Gingerbread

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How to hire a Wedding Singer

Weddings are never complete without someone to serenade the newlyweds and the guests. And that’s what a wedding singer does. These entertainers have become par for all weddings and there are a lot of wedding singers out there plying their trade. This article will hopefully guide you on how to choose the
right wedding singer for your big day.

Wedding Singer

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6 ways to Beat Other Brides to the Best Suppliers

With Christmas out of the way, the rush is on from 26th December to book suppliers. Almost half of all bookings for the coming year are made in January alone, so how do you beat other brides to the best suppliers?

1. Prioritise. Book suppliers that can only take on one booking per day first. This includes venues, photographers, videographers and specialist car hire companies.Read More

The Rise of the Village Hall Wedding

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be a tricky affair, and more and more brides are looking for ways to make the day really different.

village hall

Here are Kemp and Kemp’s Top 5 reasons to choose a village hall:
1. You have power, toilets, parking and furniture already on site, and often very good well equipped kitchens. There will sometimes be a bar area or other room available for presents, dancing or wet weather alternatives for your canapé reception.
2. You can easily find halls to hire in most large villages.
3. They are usually very cheap to hire once you find the bookings secretary.Read More

Alternative ceremonies

Lots to be done, the venue, the flowers, the rings, the cake, the bridesmaids, that dress, the suits, the photographer, the menu. But what about the ceremony? Whether you choose religious or civil, the choice of ceremony is not of your choice. The ceremony you have is the same as everyone else’s (give or take some small details).
Here are some of the different cermony options that a Celebrant can offer:

unity candle

Unity candle – One of the most popular ceremonial elements.  This involves personalised candles being lit at the beginning of the wedding ceremony (often by the parents of the couple) to symbolise your separate lives.  After the couple has exchanged their vows and wedding rings, they will be invited to use the single candles to light the large unity candle representing their married life together.  It is suggested to all Cherish couples that they light their candle each year on their anniversary to recall their wedding vowsRead More

What is a Celebrant?

Traditionally, couples approached their local church to conduct their wedding, but this doesn’t always suit everyone.  Perhaps you don’t have a particularly strong religious belief – or maybe no religious belief at all.  Maybe you and your partner are of different religions, which would make a marriage in a church, synagogue or mosque difficult.
cherish1A civil ceremony may therefore be your option.  The law of England and Wales is very specific regarding what Registrars can allow at civil ceremonies.  (Note that the law differs in Scotland).   Currently, English law states that a wedding:

– Must take place in a building (or other structure with a fixed roof) which is open to the public and licensed for weddings
– There cannot be any religious content whatsoever, either in the readings, the vows or the musicRead More


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