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5 ways to make you wedding reception more fun

Let’s face it, wedding receptions can be a bit boring sometimes so here are a few ideas to help keep your guests entertained.

  1. I spy is a great game and not just for the children! It’s a wonderful way to capture extra photos from your wedding, ask your guests to use their cameras to capture the moments that even the photographer missed. Add a line on their `I Spy` cards with an address where your guests can upload the photos.
  2. Come up with questions for your guests on each of the tables and place a mini booklet and pens so your guests can add their ideas to it. Some good questions to ask are how should we celebrate our first anniversary and what should we name our first child?
  3. Mad libs are a great dinner table activity as it lets your guests bond together as they ask each other questions. Also, you will have a wonderful time reading the responses after the wedding.
  4. Who doesn’t love a game of Guess Who? Create personalised boards featuring your wedding guests. You can make a mini set for each table with photographs of the guests on that table which is a superb idea as it helps your guests learn each others names and faces.
  5. Instead of centrepieces, why not place a different board game on each of the tables; this will keep your guests entertained while helping them to get to know each other better. Also, encourage your guests to swap with other tables throughout the night so there will be endless fun.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you inspiration and will help you to keep your guests entertained the whole night!

Guess Who


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