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DIY Wedding

For some brides, the idea of designing their own wedding is an exciting way to take complete control and be creative. For others, hiring someone to take care of the wedding planning is a much better option. We wonder, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing it all yourself?

If you are working on a tight budget, you might find that planning your wedding yourself could work out cheaper . Working on a budget might also just spark your creativity; you will find a way to achieve the look and feel you want without spending more than you would like to.

World Inspired

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Are you looking for inspiration for your wedding flowers?

Flowers can have the most impact on a wedding day from when the bride first walks into the church to when the guests sit down to their tables and see a beautiful flower table decoration. So why not look for a specialist company who delivers stunning flowers?

Flowers 2

Whether your style is traditional, quirky, exotic or artsy, you can find a beautiful flower arrangement. When choosing flowers it is good to think seasonally so if you’re planning to marry in the summer season, flowers to consider are lilies, carnations, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, lavender and roses which would create colourful bouquets for a garden or country wedding.  However, using flowers like delphinium, hydrangea and gerbera creates the perfect autumnal wedding whilst winter flowers include snowdrops, hyacinth, lilacs and irises.

Riche de Fleurs can create these elegant bouquets; simple bunches of flowers, to large scale designs using their supply of the freshest flowers by their extremely talented florists so they would be a great company to choose to arrange your flowers. Also they import a wide range of flowers from Holland to create beautiful designs for your special day.


A ‘growing’ trend for English flowers

There has been a growing trend in the last year for ‘English’ flowers and natural designs. However there are various meanings for this:
True English flowers are UK grown, seasonal and are reliant on the UK weather conditions; delphinium, lily of the valley, freesias and sweet peas to name but a few. However the down side of this is that when we have a bad spring (such as this year) the seasons can be behind and therefore flowers a bride has requested may not be in flower yet, or if seasons are ahead of themselves and flowers that would normally be available in mid June have already flowered and finished by May.

Cornflower and Rosemary bouquet - The Balloon Lady

Cornflower and Rosemary bouquet – The Balloon Lady

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Sonning Flowers at The National Wedding Show, Earls Court

We are delighted to announce that Sonning Flowers will be exhibiting at this years National Wedding Show at Earls Court. Located at stand D102, pop in and discover the their passion for beautiful fresh flowers. With expertise, they create stunning bouquets giving your wedding the ‘wow’ factor!

A wet knot never comes undone…

With all this wet weather we thought that we might give you some tips for a wet wedding! You have dreamt of your wedding day your entire life and after all your careful planning the last thing you want to happen is for the heavens to open over your special day! After all the wet weather this summer here are some tips on how to cope with a wet wedding!

1. Accept what you can’t change – Whether you have planned your wedding obsessively or not your day will not go 100% to plan. Therefore it is essential to just ignore any mishaps that might occur so you can enjoy the special moments you will treasure forever!

2. Have a collection of umbrellas and raincoats at the ready- proper preparation prevents poor performance! If you have them at the ready you will not have to waste precious moments on your big day searching round the house for that camouflaged kagool.

3. Soggy Photographs-any photographer worth his salt will be able to find some special spots for those treasured photographs. Whether it is the doorway of the church or the reception entrance. There is no need to panic. In addition you may get some dramatic shots against a stormy sky!

4. Think outside the box- if you know it is likely to be wet on your day, you could look into ‘weddington boots‘ or dramatic (and sturdy!) marquees. It will just add another feature to your wedding making it unique!

Rain is not the end of the world, the flowers won’t wilt, everybody will stay in one place and you can have as much sun as you want once you are on your honeymoon. Your wedding day is about you and your man not the overcast skies!

Feeling Blue…

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something Blue….

This old rhyme still rings strong and therefore it is nice to think of unique ideas for each. It is a wedding tradition not only talked about on the day but also in years to come. So here are a few ideas to spark some inspiration when choosing ‘something blue’!

You could have something subtle for example blue confetti or a blue ribbon around your bouquet. You could go blooming blue with a blue floral arrangement or blueberries in the dessert. You could wear blue by painting your nails with blue polish, blue eye shadow or blue stones in your jewellery. How about blue shoes or a blue purse? Why not choose something a bit more secretive, just for you and your groom, for example a blue petticoat, blue garter or blue lingerie!

If you don’t want to wear blue yourself, you could have blue balloons or blue chair covers. You could even tie blue ribbons round your wedding favours!

The list is just endless. Its not something you need to feel blue about so let your imagination run wild.

What will you choose?

Lily bouquets


A stunning lily bouquet made from individually-wired petals

We all loved the concept of this stunning lily bouquet, made by carefully dismantling lilies and re-wiring the petals.

While unique concepts like this can have copyright issues if copied by another florist, from what we can ascertain the creator of this design is Surrey Wedding Flowers from West Byfleet, and the company no longer seems to be trading.

A similar effect can be achieved with different types of blooms with robust petals that are not liable to wilt too quickly.

Marquee inspiration

Marquee decorations

Bright bold decorations can transform a marquee.

Who says marquee wedding receptions need to feature ivory drapes and white tablecloths?

This effective is not expensive to achieve; bright table cloths instead of plain white, and strings of single bulbs with cheap coloured paper light shades around instead of chandeliers. Striking flower arrangements complete the look.

This couple have shaved a huge chunk from their budget by dispensing with expensive flooring, wall linings and chair covers, yet the over all effect oozes style and extravagance.



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