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In Need Of A Favour?

Favours are an integral part of any wedding day as they let each and every guest know you appreciate them. The traditional wedding favour of sugared almonds wrapped in tulle remains a favourite choice for many brides, representing health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.   However, favours don’t have to be almonds!  Here’s 5 unique ideas for your wedding favours:

1. Lottery Tickets – Pass on some good luck to your guests! Why not present the lucky tickets in personalised envelopes. lottery ticket favour

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The history of Wedding Favours

Centuries ago, European aristocrats would honour their wedding guests with small trinket boxes made of crystal, porcelain or even jewel encrusted gold & silver. Known as “bonbonnieres”, these beautiful little boxes would contain sweet confections considered as symbols of wealth and royalty.

Weddings were thought to be lucky – and by giving bonbonnieres, or wedding favours as they are now known, the happy couple were seen to be passing some of their good fortune onto their guests. But sugar was a precious commodity few could afford so many bridal couples would offer their guests tokens such as love knots made from ribbon and lace. Others would create little embroidered linen bags filled with plain almonds. Typically five – which were said to represent; health, wealth, happiness, fertility & longevity.

Grasmere Gingerbread

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Love this dish…

We love this mini heart shaped dish from Apollo Housewares.

Why not fill it  with chocolates, or a candle and use as wedding favours for your guests.




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