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‘Tie Your Knot’- The Wedding Bowtie Beauty

Wedding bow ties are quickly becoming one of my favorite wedding trends of 2013, so quick, get ahead of the trend and find the bow tie that ‘ties your knot’!


1. Blue-tiful, this classic royal blue would look lovely against a cream linen suit. A snazzy touch to a plain suit. 2. Halloween may have just passed but this black and orange pin stripped bow tie is definitely unique! 3. Choosing an unusual pattern is a great way to add character to a black suit. At the end of the day it is your wedding- don’t look like your going to a funeral! 4. This black and white spotted tie is fantastic if you are not brave enough to choose a really jazzy fabric! Be yourself at your wedding!


Be brave with your bow tie. There is no need to just put it with the simple suit. Mix and match with cotton, tweed and velvet to create your own look!

1. Mixing patterns and materials, now that is brave! But doesn’t it look amazing. 2. I love the simple cardigan with the matching shirt and tie. Although minimalistic the groom is still being adventurous by not wearing a jacket! 3. The combination of the edging on the jacket and the plum bow tie make this look. I think plum should be worn by more grooms! 4. This tartan tie is AMAZING. He has matched it well with a simple shirt. 5. Check and stripes is a great look if you can pull it off!

Finally, there is only so much grooming off the groom you can do, so relax and let him show his own style!


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