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Fabulous lashes

With quite fair eye lashes I have always struggled to find a mascara that gave me nice thick looking lashes without the clumps! I tried Yves Rochers Volume Vertige as they assured me that it would work for me. Did it?

volume vertige

It certainly did!
The large brush did put me off a little at first, as it seemed to have accumulated a lot of mascara on it. But when I applied it the Reservoir© Brush released the perfect amount of mascara.
With the formula enriched with a fixing botanical extract, it left my lashes looking sensational. And at just £10.90 at the moment, a great buy!

Covering up a tattoo on your wedding day and honeymoon

From Cheryl’s roses and Rihanna’s goddess,  the celebs are certainly paving the trend to get inked and tattoos are very much part of modern life. But there are occasions when those little stars on your neck, or your beloved’s name, may not present the image you desire.  Weddings, holidays by the pool or the beach, or even meeting the boyfriend’s parents can be the time you wish to temporarily conceal your tattoo. Not to mention those left with a permanent reminder of their ex-love!
Here at Guides for Brides we tested the new Cover Secret Travel Bag Kit available from

Tattoo Secret’s new Cover Secret Travel Bag Kit

Tattoo Secret’s new Cover Secret Travel Bag Kit

So does it work?Read More

Stronger and smoother nails on your wedding day

Oriflame Cosmetics has unveiled a new nail care product designed to achieve stronger nails with one stroke.
The Instant Nail Protector promises to be the antidote to brittle nails – acting as a second nail, it instantly creates a supporting shield, which over time helps nails become stronger, smoother, harder and more flexible.

Oriflame Instant Nail Protector

Oriflame Instant Nail Protector

For those tired of soft, thin nails, prone to flaking and splitting, Instant Nail Protector will help to fortify nails with its unique ‘second nail’ technology. Enriched with the active hardening ingredient RevivActiv, one coat will work to fortify and restructure the nail surface with continued use.Read More

Vintage cosmetics

Continuing with the vintage theme for bridesmaids and teenage guests, it is nice to see such a beautifully presented range from The Vintage Cosmetic Company.

vintage cosmetic selection

Read More

Lovely long lashes on your wedding day

There will be so much to do and think about on your wedding day, so wouldn’t it be great to know that you won’t have problems with your mascara running?
Eye lash extensions will darken and thicken the appearance of your natural lashes, as well as lengthening….therefore removing the need to wear make up on your upper eyelashes!

Hello Lashes

Hello Lashes

Each eyelash extension is applied using medical grade glue, to a healthy, mid cycle natural lash. Read More

Non-invasive cosmetic surgery

Non surgical treatment room

Non surgical treatment room

This isn’t Hollywood so most brides wouldn’t contemplate cosmetic surgery before their wedding, but wouldn’t say “no” to the opportunity to address a skin concern that has bothered them for a while, such as rosacea (red patches), acne scars, broken veins or a birthmark.

Others are more concerned about the honeymoon and are keen to find a permanent solution to unwanted hair or cellulite, or would like to explore the idea of permanent make-up rather than battle with waterproof mascara.

Numerous skin clinics offer non-invasive options, often delivered as a course of gentle treatments. Like cosmetic surgery, the treatment comes with a price tag, but it is great time to address an issue that has always bothered you.

And this one isn’t just for the girls – many grooms sign up for permanent hair removal, or IPL, to reduce body hair or tidy up a designer stubble look by removing hair from above and below the beard area.

Sun-kissed and sparkling

glow cheek

Honeymoon this summer? Yves Rocher are launching a great new product perfect to give you a sun-kissed shimmer on the beach and with an added sparkle to take you into the evening.

Their Glow-Cheek Stain is enriched with floral witch hazel and leaves your skin with a natural tan whatever your shade of skin. Its watery texture lets the skin breath and isn’t sticky, although it does make it a little tricky to apply. For a brighter complexion to take you into the evening, shake the bottle before use to incorporate the extra-fine gold pearly particles.

The little bottle is small enough to slip into a hand bag  and it smells wonderful.

10 ways to feel A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. on your wedding day!

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Spa review: Wren’s Club


The Wren's Club

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