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Vintage Styled Engagement and Wedding Rings

Vintage themed weddings have been extremely popular over the last couple of years, which has come hand in hand with a trend towards vintage styled engagement and wedding rings. Brides and grooms are either choosing a new ring that has a vintage style, going for a truly vintage ring by scouring antique shops or being given family heirlooms.

Wedding Rings Direct

Wedding Rings Direct

During the reign of Queen Victoria, the British Empire had access to the diamond mines of the day, including mines in India and South Africa; during this era there was an increase in the amount of diamond set rings and towards maximising sparkle! This style was emphasised further by a mill-grain setting (shown above and below), filling the band to maximise the diamond and making it appear larger.Read More

Looking for all things vintage

Vintage is a generic term for new or second hand items originating from a previous era, and it seems that Vintage wedding trends are still with us in 2013.
So, if you have chosen a vintage style dress you will need to ensure that your accessories support the style as well.
If you have a specific style of tiara in mind or are wanting a veil to match the lace on your dress, then you will need to consider something bespoke.

The advantage of using a besoke service, like that offered by Polly Griffin Designs is that they can cater for your exact requirements to compliment your theme.


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