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Insuring against rain

rain At this time of year it wouldn’t be unreasonable to have planned around the weather being sunny and warm, and many couples will have opted for a marquee wedding.

But what happens when the rain ruins the wedding plans, and can you insure against it?

The simple answer is yes, you can, but at a cost.

First you will need to establish what losses you would like to insure against. Insuring against “lost enjoyment” would be a challenge, but if you are having a string quartet who can’t be moved inside, or a bouncy castle that can’t be used, you can cover your costs if they can’t be used. You could also cover additional costs such as hiring in umbrellas or gazebos to keep your guests or suppliers dry.

Loss adjusters calculate the policy based on the amount you are wanting to cover, and the likelihood of you needing to claim. It makes sense that if you try to take out insurance a week before the wedding, with forecasts of rain already in place, that the loss adjusters will take that into consideration!

Your standard wedding insurance is likely to cover against water damage to clothes and gifts, but check the small print as they do vary.


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