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Feeling Blue…

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something Blue….

This old rhyme still rings strong and therefore it is nice to think of unique ideas for each. It is a wedding tradition not only talked about on the day but also in years to come. So here are a few ideas to spark some inspiration when choosing ‘something blue’!

You could have something subtle for example blue confetti or a blue ribbon around your bouquet. You could go blooming blue with a blue floral arrangement or blueberries in the dessert. You could wear blue by painting your nails with blue polish, blue eye shadow or blue stones in your jewellery. How about blue shoes or a blue purse? Why not choose something a bit more secretive, just for you and your groom, for example a blue petticoat, blue garter or blue lingerie!

If you don’t want to wear blue yourself, you could have blue balloons or blue chair covers. You could even tie blue ribbons round your wedding favours!

The list is just endless. Its not something you need to feel blue about so let your imagination run wild.

What will you choose?


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