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Tier cake or not Tier cake? That is the wedding question!

The moment when you cut into your wedding cake is a very special and memorable milestone of your wedding day. Although it is a tradition to have a classically stacked wedding cake, why not ‘cake’ into consideration other options for this sugary center piece?

How about a cupcake wedding cake? They are easy to transport and travel, you can get a range of different flavors. It also means each guest receives a pretty, petite parcel, each remaining individually stunning! Why don’t you consider a croquembouche? This splendid pile of cream filled profiteroles is unique, striking and unforgettable! The croquembouche is made fresh that day, fully transportable and does not need refrigeration. It can be easily shared and decorated with spun sugar. Even Madonna and Guy Ritchie chose a croquembouche for their December 2000 wedding! This stunning spire can also be made out of macaroons! Kate and William chose not only a traditional¬† eight tiered cream masterpiece but also a McVitie’s chocolate biscuit cake.

The possibilities are endless… how about a marble cake or carrot cake or adding curd, fresh flowers/fruit, marzipan or meringue! You could be really adventurous and have a cheese wedding cake or chocolate fountain! The challenge is in finding someone to make what you fancy!

Break the cake mold and dare to be different!


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