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Humanist Weddings are the future?

Humanist weddings are now the 3rd most popular weddings in Scotland! Currently if you want to get legally married in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and you are not religious you have to carry out a marriage or a civil partnership ceremony in a register office or an approved venue. However with a humanist wedding you have complete flexibility with the ceremony and, with the help of your celebrant, you can make your wedding totally unique!

With a humanist wedding the sky is the limit! Your wedding ceremony is no longer limited to licensed venues but can be held where ever is special to you. Whether that be on a boat, in your garden, or on the beach. You are no longer limited in terms of space to that stuffy register office! Your close friends and family can take part in the ceremony and you can choose music and readings that are special to you. You no longer feel the constraints of tradition and can have a wedding when, where and how you want it. It really gives you the chance to have a celebration that shows your special commitment between you both.

But is this the end of tradition? Perhaps there is a reason why these customs have lasted this long! For some people the church ceremony marks a real milestone in their relationship and adds weight to the commitment between them both.

So what is the future of weddings?



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