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Romantic honeymoons

Romantic honeymoons can be slightly different depending on your preferences. One couples idea of romance can be walks on a deserted island, and the other a joint bungee jump off a bridge in New Zealand.

For seclusion and solitude then places like Mauritius and the Maldives are a haven for private beaches, romantic settings and beautiful surroundings. Think about yourself walking down the beach hand in hand along a breath-taking coastline, the clear blue waters lapping at your feet, before heading back to your honeymoon villa to watch the sunset.


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Weddings “Down Under”

We are spending a few days “down under” looking at some great places to get married or go on honeymoon.

Where better to start than Sydney, where we found a great little reception venue on the edge of the quay between The Sydney Opera House and Sydney’s iconic bridge; Peter Doyle @ The Quay.















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Winter honeymoon ideas

Honeymoons don’t always have to be on white sandy beaches or situated close to tropical lagoons. If you look in the right places then winter getaways can be just as romantic. Swap sand between your toes and shorts for scarves and ski jackets. Here’s a few winter honeymoon ideas.

How about going ‘rustic’? Find a cabin or chalet and snuggle up together by the fire. Spend the day on the slopes before heading back to a nice warm cabin for a roaring fire, romantic dinner and a wine for two. Honeymoon heaven!

Ski for two – It doesn’t matter if you’re beginners or seasoned skiers hitting the slopes at a top ski resort can be a memorable honeymoon. Take a lesson together, most resorts offer private lessons and you can pick up this adrenaline packed sport together. A ski honeymoon takes you to unforgettable locations, offers unrivalled views and a holiday to remember.


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Honeymoons in Marrakech; Souks and the Medina

The city of Marrakech is the number one honeymoon destination for Moroccans, and a favorite bolt-hole for French dignitaries and celebrities.

After a couple of nights at The Capaldi, 40 minutes from the Marrakech, we were ready to spend a night in the very heart of this busy city.

The Medina is the ancient centre of the city, a maze of tiny alleyways and lanes between souks (markets), riads (small hotels) and intricately carved historical sites. No building can be taller than the main Mosque so from any of the roof top terraces there seems a sense of uniformity above the chaos below. The lanes are too narrow for cars so we finished our journey to the Riad Capaldi with our luggage in a bicycle barrow.

Marrakech bikes

Arrive in style … by bike

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Want to get married on your own private island?

Ever wondered what the ultimate wedding abroad would be?

Well how about your own private island in the Bahamas, 10 of your closest friends and your very own chapel set in the middle of pristine white beaches? Sounds good right? - Little Whay Cay Island – Little Whay Cay Island

Well throw in 12 staff including chefs, butlers, a maid service and a gardener; you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve turned into Richard Branson. - Little Whay Cay Chapel – Little Whay Cay Chapel

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Day 3 in Marrakech

We are jolted awake at 4.45am by a loud wailing. The adjacent mosque is calling the faithful to the first service of the day, with the aid of loud speakers pointing in our direction.

With the promise of more clear blue skies and temperatures soaring well into the 40’s, early morning is a great time to relax on the shady roof terrace with a book, freshly squeezed orange juice and strong Moroccan coffee.

Early morning on the roof top of the Riad Capaldi

Early morning on the roof top of the Riad Capaldi

We stepped out from the cool walls of the Riad Capaldi straight into the middle of a game of football in the narrow lane outside, and dodged footballs, mopeds, bicycles and donkeys on the way to find a taxi to take us outside the city walls to the Delano Hotel, a new “baby grand” boutique hotel on the edge of the city, renowned for its stunning spa and authentic hamman.

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Marrakech; Less than 3 hours to (almost) guaranteed sunshine

It is hard to remember the wet grey chill of Gatwick as I step off the airplane just three hours later to clear blue skies and 43 degree heat in Marrakech.

Morocco now rivals Dubai for short breaks with virtually guaranteed sunshine, and it is easy to see why. Numerous airlines, including Easyjet and Ryanair, offer an inexpensive 3 hour flight to Marrakech, there is no time difference, and for those looking for a romantic break, unlike Dubai it is still a fairly unspoiled and adult place to visit.

Olive trees line the hotel's paths

Olive trees line the hotel’s paths

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Honeymoon in Hawaii

Why has Hawaii become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations over the past few years?
Probably because once you get out of the more ‘touristy’ Waikiki the other islands are breathtakingly beautiful and serene.

Hawaii -

Hawaii –

Places like Kauai and Lanai give you complete privacy, with an air that’s filled with exotic, mesmerising fragrances from the many tropical flowers. Read More

Underwater honeymoon

Couples are now looking for more and more unusual ideas for their honeymoons, but would sleeping underwater be one of them?

This bedroom was created for the 5th anniversary of the Ithaa restaurant at the Conrad Hilton on Rangali Island in the Maldives,  located around 16ft below sea level.Read More

Add your honeymoon to your gift list

If you’re planning a honeymoon or a holiday celebrating a special occasion, you can invite friends and family to contribute to this wonderful experience as part of your John Lewis Gift List.

John Lewis’ selected travel provider, Kuoni, can help craft your perfect holiday. From Personal Travel Experts who book your holiday to local guides with insider knowledge, the Kuoni team is truly passionate about travel.

They are well-known for their excellent service, taking time to listen to your ideas and travel dreams, providing their honest and personal recommendations. Just let John Lewis know if you’d like to add honeymoon contributions to your list.


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