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DIY Wedding

For some brides, the idea of designing their own wedding is an exciting way to take complete control and be creative. For others, hiring someone to take care of the wedding planning is a much better option. We wonder, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing it all yourself?

If you are working on a tight budget, you might find that planning your wedding yourself could work out cheaper . Working on a budget might also just spark your creativity; you will find a way to achieve the look and feel you want without spending more than you would like to.

World Inspired

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Discount Weddings

I am surprised it has taken this long. I received an email today from a company following in the footsteps of Groupon with a discount wedding web site.

Participating businesses offer a minimum of a 25% discount to brides, and then pay the web site a further 25% commission on each deal.

Will it work? Never.

For an important event like a wedding couples choose their suppliers based on a large number of criteria, not on price alone. For the company to lose nearly 50% in the deal they are likely to cut corners in supplying their service. So, the couple has compromised on their choice of supplier AND is receiving sub-standard service.

It is bad news for wedding businesses too. Savvy brides will start browsing the net to see if they can book their chosen supplier cheaper by not booking direct. So, the couple that you met at a wedding fair and were ready to book you at full price will book you via “MyWeddingDeals” with a 25% discount, landing you with a bill for 25% commission just to double your misery.

How should you deal with Price Shoppers ?

bugets for weddings

Budgeting for a wedding

PRICE is often the first question Brides ask…even before they know if we’re even available for their date!

The economy is slowly recovering, but the mindset of Brides has changed. Shopping by price is here to stay, but wedding services are rarely cheap.

Don’t focus on price, or tell horror stories about the couple who hired an amateur, the more you focus on price, the more the Bride will !Read More


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