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5 ways to save money on food and drink at your wedding reception

Serving great food and drink is a fantastic way of bringing people together at your wedding reception, but it can be costly! Here are five ways you can save money on your food and drink at your wedding reception.

1) ‘Family style’ dining

What this means is food is brought to tables in serving dishes and shared amongst guests at that table. This gives the reception more of a ‘family’ feel as it encourages sharing and conversation.

Wedding Meal

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Top 10 tips for Brides on a budget

  1. Wedding dress – The dress is the one ascept of your wedding that you dont want to compromise much with but if you’re on a budget then check out buying a second hand gown, visiting chariety shops and checking out designer sample sales which is a great way of saving hundreds of pounds. Why not sell your dress aftwerwards to obtain some money back but make sure that it is in good condition!
  2. Invitations – Dont bother with buying expensive formal invitations when you could just make them yourself, this is a great way to save a bit of money. To make your home made cards look more formal add decorations like ribbons, buttons, pictures or even print the invitations off your computer.
  3. The wedding cake – A great way to save money is by baking cupcakes which is a quirky alternative twist on the classic wedding cake and you can have lots of fun taking all your bridesmaids to a cupcake decorating class! You can make them look expensive by placing them on tiers and decorating them with flowers.
  4. Flowers – If you’re on a tight budget but love flowers then reuse the same flowers that were at your ceremony and use them for your wedding reception, just ask your ushers to transport the flowers carefully to your venue. This is a great tip to save some money!
  5. Reception – Why not host your wedding reception at the local village hall as it is cheap to hire and you can cater the guests yourselves by buying the food from the local supermarket.  Or why not plan to get married later in the day so you wont have as many guests to cater for which would help with the budget.
  6. Venue – To save some money book your venue out of season as you can save a fraction of the price!
  7. Centerpieces & Favours – The table centerpieces can be very simple but can still make a statement so why not have a pot of vibrant flowers or maybe you could make your centerpieces your favours too by having a basket of cupcakes on each table.
  8. Transport – You dont have to arrive in a posh Rolls Royce or Bently, why not just ask your freinds and family if they have a fancy car you could borrow which would definatly cut down the costs.
  9. Honeymoon – All newylweds would love to travel somewhere exotic for their honeymoon, but what about if you cant afford it? Ask your freinds and family to chip in instead of a gift wish list.
  10. Bridesmaids – Ask your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses, it might seem a bit cheeky but it would definatly help you stick to the wedding budget.

Wedding Budget



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